#279 Weekly repeat does not seem to work in version 1.4.10


It seems that , Weekly repeat does not work in version 1.4.10.

I need to get this working as fast as possible, my boss is waiting :s
I'm thinking to going back to version 1.4.9, that version at least works.


  • John Beranek

    John Beranek - 2013-08-21

    Works for me, certainly with a new booking - I shall check for an existing weekly booking in my test installation.

    • Hebus

      Hebus - 2013-08-21

      Ty for the repley.
      Daily and monthly bookings are working btw.

  • Campbell Morrison

    Works for me as well, both in a new 1.4.10 installation and an upgraded 1.4.9 system


  • Hebus

    Hebus - 2013-08-21

    Maybe php version ?
    I tested a new install also does not work :(
    Strange -> days ad months are working

  • Campbell Morrison

    It's unlikely it would be the PHP version, but what version are you using?


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    Anonymous - 2013-08-22

    I tested somme more, weekly repeat works, as long as i not change the "weekcount" field when i change it from 1 to another number it's not working or i don't understand how to use it :) => users also gonna have problems then

  • Campbell Morrison

    I've just tested it and it works OK for me if I use for example 2. In English the field is "Repeat every: n weeks". So for example if I request a weekly booking repeating every 2 weeks starting on Thu 22 Aug I will get

    Thu 22 Aug
    Thu 5 Sep
    Thu 19 Sep

    until the end date. My knowledge of Dutch (Afrikaans?) is not good but I wonder whether the translation "Aantal weken" is accurate? Does that not mean "number of weeks"?

    Incidentally, I notice in your screen shot that the layout of the page is not standard. For example in standard MRBS the repeat type (daily/weekly/monthly/etc) radio buttons are in a vertical column and not horizontal. Have you modified MRBS to achieve this? If so, I wonder if the modifications are to do with the problem. If you have not modified MRBS then I wonder whether it has been installed properly? Or maybe it is a problem with MRBS - what browser are you using?


  • Hebus

    Hebus - 2013-08-22

    Ty Cambell :)
    It is working like you say :) i was indeed confused by the translation.

    Men i lost some time on this :D.

    "Aantal weken" is more like how many times to repeat it.

    "Herhaal elke" Sounds better to me, it is btw a direct translation from "repeat every" sometimes translations are easy :) .

    Or "Herhaal om de" Sounds even better.

    And indeed i modified the layout, also when users asks for coffee etc an icon shows up.
    I changed also who need to be mailed, when coffee is asked person "A" get a mail, when a beamer etc needs to be installed person "B" get a mail.

    Options for the next version of mrbs ;) ?

    I'm using mrbs for the reservation of some small meeting rooms here on the university.
    See screenshot for the result :)

    Btw "Kamers" ->rooms in english.


    Ty for the fast response btw.

  • Campbell Morrison

    OK, I will change the translation of "repeat every" in the trunk. Just to confirm - that is Dutch (.nl)?


  • Hebus

    Hebus - 2013-08-22

    Yes it's dutch => lang.nl
    Maybe also change the word kamer/kamers . that sounds more like a 'hotel room' or a room in a house.
    I have changed that to Lokaal/lokalen .

    Campbell i had also a little question for CAS login
    https://sourceforge.net/p/mrbs/feature-requests/158/ can you look at this also it's not much. when that is fixed i can launch the site, yipee :).

    Ty for this wonderfull script btw.

  • Campbell Morrison

    I've checked in to the trunk a new translation for "Repeat every" in Rev 2754.

    As for changing the translation of "Rooms" I think there are two many occurrences throughout the lang file for me to get it right, given that I have little knowledge of Dutch. However if you want to edit the lang.nl file yourself and post it here then I can check it in.

    I'm afraid I can't help with CAS as I'm not familiar with that code. You'll need to ask the person that contributed the code - it's not part of standard MRBS.


  • Martin Samek

    Martin Samek - 2013-10-02

    I have same problem with Czech localization. String "Počet týdnů:" means Number of repetition in total but not the meaning of the value: Repeat every n weeks. There should be: "Opakovat po N týdnech".

  • Campbell Morrison

    Should it be just "Opakovat po" as the "N týdnech" will follow? (Actually it will be "N týdny" - is that right?)




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