altafulla - 2014-01-28

Great work !
I use mpxplay four or five years with an EPIA M6000 and different versions of mpxplay . Since the last update I also use an ftp connection to my NAS. It works great. Now I have tried the 1.60beta version and all Features that I know, works fine. ftp to the internal NAS or FTP to a public ftp server works great. But, what is not working, are any connections to HTTP pages ( internet radio ) . What am I doing wrong?
Drivers for my network card is loaded ( RTSPKT 0x60 )
I make some modification in the SWS_SOCK.INI for my home environment :
ipaddress =
IPGateway =
dhcp = 0
server =

But any connection to an Internet radio doesn't work, and mpxplay give me the error:
"Could not mount / connect Drive"
I tried in this case on the following stream :
but also all other channels have the same result .
I use FREEDOS with mpxplay 1.60G from 11/24/13
Would be great if someone would post his configuration.
Thank you