Mpxplay v1.58

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-01-19

    Mpxplay v1.58 alpha 1 is released on

    diffs between v1.58 alfa 1 and v1.57 final
    -program is compiled with OW 1.9 (and some source bugfixes for this in drv_ftp.c, block.c, sbr_synt.c, layer3.c)
    -AAC decoder: can give multichannel output (disabled built-in downmix), added 7.1 support, added "N.M chan" displaying to multichannel audios (ad_aac.c, decoder.c)
    -AC3 decoder: can give multichannel output (removed built-in downmix) (ad_ac3.c, parse.c)
    -Vorbis decoder: added 6.1 & 7.1 channels support, added "N.M chan" displaying (ad_vorbi.c)
    -WAV/PCM/FLAC decoder-inputs and WAV-file output: added multichannel matrix for correct channel conversions/downmix (ad_pcm.c, ad_ffmpg.c, sc_wav.c)
    -enabled/corrected Dolby surround downmix in au-mixer (at surround-multichannel to stereo conversions) (cv_chan.c)
    -AVI header read (incorrect length at some AVIs) and seeking (in_avi.c)
    -MP3 decoding freeze at containers (when MP3 contains padding info) (ad_mp3.c)
    -OGG demuxing (incorrect length, seeking bugs at some OGG/OGV files) (in_ogg.c)
    -replay song + hi-lite mode (play freeze) (mpxplay.c)
    -commander mode: alt-letter searches in filenames only (keyboard.c)
    -win32: increased timer/program refresh rate (60->130fps) (ie: better speed-seek, faster desktop/displaying) (timer.c, mpxplay.h)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-02-01

    Mpxplay v1.58 alpha 2 is released on

    diffs between v1.58 alfa 2 and alfa 1
    -added -pet (PlayEndTime) option (control.c, keyboard.c, mpxplay.c)
    -mpxplay.ini: added ProgramControl,DesktopModeP,DesktopModeC, removed DesktopMode,ShutdownATX variables (control.c)
    -key 'E': selects between DesktopModeP/DesktopModeC configs (keyboard.c)
    -added Displaymode +128 flag (DesktopModeC selector) (control.c, display.h)
    -filecopy (alt-F5): memory leak bug in text window at copying a single file (diskfile.c)
    -sound limiter is enabled automatically at multichannel to stereo conversions too (mx_volum.c)
    -spectrum analyser: reduced delay (maybe more precise timing), expanded with volume setting (>100) at MP2/MP3/MPC files (at decoder-analysers) (au_mixer.c, mx_volum.c)
    -MP3: skipping of multiply (wrong) ID3v2 headers (possible wrong xing header parsing -> incorrect length) (in_mp3.c)
    -AVI: seeking at some files (in_avi.c)
    -possible -pct,-pcf,-pcp bugs (variables were not cleared properly at skip) (mpxplay.c)

    I wrote about some sound quality changes. Sometimes I hear difference at WinDS/24-bit output, but the wav file outputs have no binary difference either (even if I write the wav file parallel with winds playing), so I don't know where is the "bug"…

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-03-17

    Mpxplay v1.58 alpha 3 is released on

    diffs between v1.58 alfa 3 and alfa 2
    -added Matroska (MKV/MKA) file handling/demuxing (ff_mkv.c,ff_mpeg.c,ffutils.c)
    -added MPEG Transport-stream (TS) file handling/demuxing (ff_ts.c)
    -added shift-F2 key: compare directories/editorsides, auto-select different files (editlist.c,keyboard.c)
    -rename-by-id3 (ctrl-e): can rename single directories and non-audio files too (diskfile.c)
    -fileinfo (F3) using on a single file: up/down-arrows,tab & enter can change/navigate the selected file/directory (diskfile.c, fileinfo.c, keyboard.c)
    -desktop button Sw (swap channels) has changed to Hs (hi-lite scan) (buttons.c,display.c)
    -playlist save (F2): modified/different automatic-filenames & pathes in some cases (at sublists it gives the original path\filename by default/first; it clears the first listname at adding a second one (with F5)) (savelist.c, editlist.c)
    -win32: file move/rename/del: added a "Use different credentials/user" window at "Access denied" (diskfile.c, textwin.c)
    -win32: removed LCD display handling (probably it doesn't work at all in the win32 version) (lcd.c)
    -AVI parsing, demuxing (multi audio streams) and seeking (at few seek-points) (in_avi.c)
    -OGG demuxing (multi (video+audio) streams) (in_ogg.c)
    -FLAC (ffcodec) decoder update (for better 24-bit FLAC playing) (flac.c)
    -crossfade+limiter (went wrong in alfa2) (mx_volum.c)
    -filemove (alt-F6) from playlist (move/rename stop at half of the list) (diskfile.c)
    -CUE: unnecessary "(index NN.)" at loading playlist in some cases (startup/savedlist) (loadlist.c)
    -CUE: " chars are converted to ' chars for correct artist&title handling (savelist.c)
    -refresh/reload side (ctrl-r) and playlist-save (F2) conflicts (ctrl-r reloads the last saved list now) (savelist.c, loadsub.c)
    -auto playlist save (MPXP000n.CUE) at entry-length changes (chkentry.c, playlist.c)
    -better exit code/mode handling (playlist and mpxplay.ini are saved at normal exit only) (control.c, au_cards.c, id3list.c, playlist.c, videoout.c)
    -spectrum analyser bugs (at Vorbis and AAC decodings) (expand-bands is moved from au_mixer to display) (au_mixer.c, display.c)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-03-19

    DTS and MP3 decoders are updated on
    See readme.txt files…

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-03-26

    Mpxplay v1.58 alpha 4 is out on

    80-bit MP3 decoder is also corrected/updated.

    diffs between v1.58 alfa 4 and alfa 3
    -added MPEG Program Stream (MPG,VOB) containers handling/demuxing (ff_mpg.c,in_ffmpg.c,ffutils.c)
    -added signed big endian PCM formats handling to ffmpeg demuxers (in_ffmpg.c)
    -avi parsing/demuxing (if some main/audio infos are missing, and if no audio stream in the file) (in_avi.c)
    -mkv seeking (in_ffmpg.c, ff_mkv.c)
    -mp3 header search (went wrong in alfa 3) (ad_mp3.c)
    -auto-side-info-copy (mixed list/dir caused bugs at side-compare) (editlist.c)
    -partial solution for startup-pos restore if container-file (usually MPG,TS) doesn't contain freq info (startup.c)
    -win32: different-credentials freezing if RetryAll fails (diskfile.c)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-04-17

    Mpxplay v1.58 beta is released on

    diffs between v1.58 beta and alfa 4
    -AAC decoder: added LATM header handling, sound quality and stability fixes, RAW initial freq has changed to 48kHz (ad_aac.c, decoder.c, syntax.c, mp4.c)
    -MP4 demuxer: plays other MP4-like containers too (MOV,3GP), added/corrected PCM audio handling (in_mp4.c, mp4atom.c, mp4ff.c)
    -added DVD-PCM audio format handling (to MPG/VOB) (ad_pcm.c, in_ffmpg.c, mpxplay.h)
    -IHDA: -scc 1 setting initializes/uses the pc-speaker out (instead of the line-out) (sc_inthd.c)
    -AC3 decoder shows "Mono" and "Stereo" instead of 1.0 and 2.0 chans (to match with other decoders) (ad_ac3.c)
    -AVI parsing (zero-length tags and incomplete header handling) and demuxing (faster resync) (in_avi.c)
    -MKV: faster parsing (loads index info at playing only), better demuxing of bad files, seeking (ff_mkv.c)
    -MPG/VOB: better length calculation (better non-linear timestamp handling) (in_ffmpg.c)
    -MPG/VOB: (auto) stream selection (MPG/VOB files have no fixed stream order) -> PCM first, lossy last (in_ffmpg.c)
    -FLAC,Vorbis: added "N.M chan" displaying at channels>4 (ad_ffmpg.c, ad_vorbi.c)
    -fileinfo (F3) displays decoder type at containers (in Filetype line) (diskfile.c, decoder.c)
    -audio parsing in (avi,mkv) containers (wrong seeking) (decoder.c)
    -ihda: mixer initialization (sc_inthd.c)
    -mp3 header search (went wrong in alfa3) (ad_mp3.c)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-04-25

    Mpxplay v1.58 beta 2 is out on

    diffs between v1.58 beta 2 and beta 1
    -added +8 flag to mpxplay.ini/ProgramCntrl variable: always try to autodetect the filetype (usefull in commander mode or if file-extension and file-type don't match) (in_file.c)
    -corrected/enabled the (auto)detection of MKV,MPG,TS files (in_ffmpg.c,ff_mkv.c,ff_mpg.c,ff_ts.c)
    -AVI crash at no-audio files (in_avi.c)
    -MPG parsing (at incomplete files) (note: if the program cannot calculate the length of audio, it uses a fix 4 min value) (ff_mpg.c, in_ffmpg.c)
    -TS parsing and demuxing (ff_ts.c)
    -better eof handling/signing of (currently played) deleted files (mpxinbuf.c)
    -file-del (alt-F8): wrong (non-audio) file counting in start window (diskfile.c)
    -savelist (F2) at missing file-extension (filename has no ext + pressing savelist-type button) (savelist.c)
    -win32: different-credentials freezing if RetryAll fails (another bug) (diskfile.c)

    I think so I've made everything what I wanted in v1.58, I plan to release the v1.58 final within some weeks.
    If you see any problems around the new functions, tell me now…
    If Mpxplay doesn't play a file-type, but it's on the "supported"-list, use this program and send me the detected results in txt format: . (don't forget to try the new mpxplay.ini / ProgramCntrl=8 setting too)
    (btw. one of the exceptions: Mpxplay can display the length of a 3GP file, just it has no AMR audio decoder (3GP files usually use this audio format))

  • dos386

    dos386 - 2011-05-06

    Thank you very much. Matroska/WebM seems to work. Possible BUG's:

    - OGG timing - now reports correct size, but aborts long before EOF, even worse, if I extract the audio into a WAV with MPLAYER, it aborts too !!! OGV file is possibly broken … but why does it abort with WAV too ??? The WAV seems intact (cca 20.5 seconds) … 791 frames … what is a MPXPLAY frame ? It doesn't match video frames … why 576 samples ? I can seek into the "dead" area near EOF (but repetitive content …) :-(

    - If I seek short before end in , I get a SPARSE PLAY beyond EOF !!! ("played frame" > "total frames") … no further damage, gives up after some time.

    - Missing extensions: MP0 MP5 WEM

    - OGG without Vorbis (Theora only, no test with Dirac or FLAC) is getting rejected (greyed out). But Matroska/WebM without Vorbis is not greyed out. Playing gives up pretty quickly, though ;-)

    - MPEG-4 possibly doesn't work (no test with AAC, but MP5 (1-Layer-3) is not recognized)

    - Old issue: red buffer indicator near EOF

    - New suggestion: create a message box for events like "File "BLAH.OGA" seems broken, giving up" or "File "BLAH.MP0" is MPEG-4 with AMR audio, unsupported". No idea where to place it on the screen, but I miss the info …

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-05-06

    Usually known problems…
    1. Probably the SoundLimit function "aborts" the song before EOF, set it to zero (0), if you don't like it (I've made this function for music, not for speech)
    2. The seeking is not exact on VBR streams (written in moreinfo.txt), I will work on it., but
    - only in the far win32-only version, because it requires inline dynamic memory allocations, the DOS version can't handle this
    - the seeking will be slower
    - the relative rewind seeking will not work on bad files
    3. I've added WEBM extension to Mpxplay, I don't know what are those extensions. WEM is also WEBM? Is that official extension? MP0, MP5? Mpxplay plays only MP2,MP3,MP4, MPG files.
    4. Some containers contain general length-information (like AVI,MKV,MP4), we can display it without having audio stream. At OGG we need a stream to get the last pcm position to calculate the length in secs
    5. MP3 in MP4 container works at me. Test file? MP5 is probably not MP4 container, but I don't know.
    6. It stays for a while… (later the file buffer length will be song-length dependant (currently it's static), it will be red at really at the end of file)
    7. Currently I can display just a general message (I will do it), I cannot do the audio type (I haven't made list for unsupported formats)

    I will continue the implementation of new containers and audio codecs, I will surely add FLV to the next (1.59) version. The others? I don't know yet…
    Mpxplay frame is MP3 frame. Mpxplay usually handles the input data (comes out from the decoders) in 1152 sample blocks (4608 PCM bytes at 16 bit/stereo), which matches with the sample block size of MP3. I think so most of the people still use MP3, so this is the most important fileformat yet…

    Thank You for the testings anyway! :)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-05-07

    I haven't got MP5 test files, :)
    so I release a new version: v1.58 beta 3 on
    I hope this will be the final too…

    diffs between v1.58 beta 3 and beta 2
    -F2: playlist filenames are compared by path\filename and filesize only (logical compare has changed to physical one) (editlist.c)
    -added WEBM file extension to MKV demuxer (in_ffmpg.c)
    -MOV/MP4 parsing (MOOV and MP4A atom handling) (mp4ff.c, mp4atom.c, mp4meta.c)
    -MPG: better parsing (at bad files), better multi-stream detection, audio streams sorted by startcode-number not by audio-type (for -csa) (ff_mpg.c, in_ffmpg.c)
    -faster filetype autodetection (removed duplicated detection) (in_file.c)
    -fileinfo (F3) optimizations (removed duplicated file check, added read-prebuffer for faster parsing, and timer to not block playing) (in_file.c, mpxinbuf.c, diskfile.c)
    -edit-id3tag (F4): added missing mem-free(s) (fr_data), removed disk-flush from win32 version (fileinfo.c)
    -F8,shift-F5,shift-F6: added selected-filenum displaying (keyboard.c)

    btw. DOS386: the program drops a message (in the id3 window) about the missing decoder, just it overwrites immediately with other messages ("checking next file" and the id3-info of next file)
    I will correct this problem in the next major version only…

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-05-16

    Mpxplay v1.58 beta 4 is out on

    diffs between v1.58 beta 4 and beta 3
    -win32 CDW playing (cd_aspi.c)
    -MPG/TS parsing at missing/bad (multi)streams and added some DTS streamtypes to TS (in_ffmpg.c,ff_ts.c)
    -song-length in playlist editor MMM:SS changed to HH:MM:SS at files >= 60min (display.c)

    I've released a win32 test version for 64-bit (greater than 2GB) filesizes. It's tested on AVI, MKV and TS files only (MP4 can be wrong). File (input) parser and output DLLs don't work (only DTS and MP3 decoders).

  • rehof

    rehof - 2011-05-16


    i have the following request for an extension in Release 1.58, or later

    - an automatic play list leave that contains all of the day / night plays (as in bpmstudio)
    - should be identified in all playlists on the day played song

    (all in the automatically generated list would be selected playlists (eg special character to the list in number in the other)

    sorry for the translation from german

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-05-21

    Mpxplay v1.58 final is out on
    MP3 and DTS decoders are also updated.

    diffs between v1.58 final and beta 4
    -MP3 decoder fixes: handling of VBR files/headers, gapless playing (ad_mp3.c)
    -MP4: added 64-bit filesize handling, increased parsing/checkig speed (in_mp4.c, mp4ff lib)
    -TS parsing (in_ffmpg.c, ff_ts.c)

    Rehof: sorry I couldn't decode your request… :)
    But I don't plan to add new playlist functions in the next major 2-3 release neither (just small modifications), so you can play with the existent options/functions only, like -xel, -xtl and -ds options.

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-08-30

    Rehof: I plan to implement a global playlist handling (like BMPstudio has), but I don't know what and when (I have no exact ideas yet)…


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