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    Mpxplay - 2011-06-10

    Mpxplay v1.59 alpha 1 is released on and

    Diffs between v1.59 alpha 1 and v1.58 final
    -win32: unicode version (UTF8 inside)
    -win32: 64-bit (>2Gb) filesize handling
    -win32: removed all -8xx commanline options (except -8ucp and -8ccp) (control.c, textconv.c)
      -win32: removed SortOrder,Conv852437,WinChars and DosChars variables (control.c, sortlist.c, textconv.c)
      -removed PlaylistSave, LoadId3list and Id3savefields variables (you can use -@s, -il, -ist options instead of these) (control.c, savelist.c)
      -removed ShutDownATX variable handling (use ProgramCntrl) (control.c)
      -added PlayListCntrl variable (+1:disable warnings +2:-db +4:-db2 +8:-il) (control.c,chkentry.c,id3list.c)
      -moved NoListWarnings flag from ProgramCntrl to PlayListCntrl (mpxplay.h,playlist.h)
    -Startup: (control.c, startup.c, mpxplay.c, loaddir.c, playlist.c)
      -OldFramenum is modified to OldTimepos (frame to msec) for correct indexed restore (at non 44.1khz files)
      -added OriListname for correct (modified) sublist and dir-scan handling (now Startup can restore list/song pos at drive/dir-scans too)
      -added OriDirname for correct -db2 and ftp drive(number) restore (the latter is not complete yet)
    -MXU: modified structure (data separator char is '|') (program loads older formats too, saves only new one) (loadlist.c, savelist.c)
    -extended -db2 functionality: with a single file argument it opens the dir-of-file and plays the file in dir, with playlist or dir-scan argument it opens/makes the list like a sub-list (playlist.c)
    -added CP720 codepage handling (textconv.c, charmaps.h)
    -CUE loading (if no TRACK lines) (loadlist.c)
    -FTP: anonymous login (if the server doesn't ask for password) (drv_ftp.c)
    -idlist (-il,-ig,-is) handling (id3list.c)
    -mouse-listpos displays the (part of) Artist:Title (not filename) (display.c)

    Recommended to test the commander (copy,rename,del) and the id3Tag write (F4,-iw) functions before You begin use them! Report the bugs please…

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    Mpxplay - 2011-06-10

    I've forgot to tell, that because I've modified the file handling API, only the decoder DLLs work (DTS,MP3,SPX), the MOD and DTS file playing don't. I plan to do further modifications, so I will release new DLLs only at the beta status of Mpxplay v1.59.

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    Mpxplay - 2011-08-12

    Freewebtown is currently out of service, so I've uploaded the files here:

    The new functions and modifications are not tested too much yet…

    diffs between v1.59 alfa 2 and alfa 1
    -dynamic playlist handling: you can enable it with MaxFilenames=0 setting in mpxplay.ini (editlist.c, …)
    -ID3/Tag editing (F4):
      -added tag editing for ASF, FLAC, MP4 and OGG files (in_asf, in_flac.c, in_mp4.c, in_ogg.c, tagging.c)
      -added file duplication function (window), if there's not enough space to store new infos in ASF,FLAC,OGG,ID3v2 (fileinfo.c, in_file.c)
      -group editing:
       - collects & displays common tag (album,genre,comment,etc.) informations (fileinfo.c)
       - displays a status/progress window under editing (ESC key can terminate the group-editing) (fileinfo.c)
      -win32: added credentials (alternative user rights) handling (window) (fileinfo.c, diskfile.c)
    -groupselect by metadata (alt-'+') accepts wildcards in "artist:title" format too (editlist.c)
    -win32/fsize64: filesize is displayed in Gbytes in editor if it's >=10G (display.c)
    -CUE: added INDEX 00 (length of track), REM DATE/GENRE/COMMENT lines handling (loadlist.c)
    -freezing in non-fullscreen mode (-f0,-ff,-fl) with -ipl option (display.c)
    -startup playlist restore (startup.c)
    -FLAC: added seektable handling (more precise seeking) (in_flac.c)
    -MP4: a couple of modifications, bugfixes, all demuxer sources are merged into in_mp4.c
    -FPL loading (binary/textfile handling) (diskdriv.c)
    -win32/unicode: wildcard string handling (alt-F5/F6,alt-'+') (string.c, diskfile.c, editlist.c, loadlist.c, drv_ftp.c)
    -win32/credentials and file move/del: Ignore and IgnoreAll handling (freezing) (diskfile.c)
    -file copy/move: overwriting of currently played file (added close & reopen) (diskfile.c)
    -file move/del: faster (reused) status window (faster working) (diskfile.c)
    -DOS: removed (false) UTF8 decoding at displaying filenames/dirs (display.c)
    -DOS: corrected cp-back conversion (tag writing) (textconv.c)

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    Mpxplay - 2011-08-13

    After some shorts test I've found that the ASF tag editing (and reading) is bad. It's good for some WMA files, bad for some other WMV.
    Of course because the alpha 2 is still a test version, backup your files before you use any tag editing on them.
    And there is a mem leak bug somewhere, which can affect the dynamic playlist handling. I've added a 2 byte padding to every list infos (filename, id3), but maybe it's not enough in every cases, program sometimes can crash (usually using extM3U or CUE list at startup)…

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    Mpxplay - 2011-08-30

    Mpxplay v1.59 alpha 3 is released on
    I've corrected the dynamic playlist handling, and now this is the default setting, but if you have any problems with it, set the MaxFilenames value back to a nonzero number (9999). Originally I've made the static playlist, because under DOS the malloc() function stops the INT08 (the decoding), so too many or too large memory allocations can cause gaps and pops in the playing (-ddma helps a little bit). But multi-tabs doesn't work in static playlist mode…
    And jukebox mode is also not really multi-tabs compatible yet (I will work on it).

    diffs between v1.59 alfa 3 and alfa 2
    -MaxFilenames=0 (dynamic playlist handling) is the default setting in mpxplay.ini (and in mpxplay.exe too) (mpxplay.ini, control.c)
    -Multi-tabs (2x8) handling (editlist.c, display.c, keyboard.c)
      -ctrl-'t' (KeyEditAddTab): add a new side-tab (duplicate the current tab, insert the new tab after the current one, skip to the new tab)
      -ctrl-'w' (KeyEditDelTab): delete the current tab
      -ctrl-Tab (KeyEditSkipTab): skip to the next tab on the side (in loop)
      -'+' button in the tabs-header: duplicates the current/selected tab and puts it at the end of tabs
      -new Desktopmode flag: 16. +65536  always display tabs-header line/buttons in playlist editor
    -mpxplay.ini (startup.c, control.c, playlist.c):
      -removed  section (StartupEnabled is renamed to StartupType and moved to the end of general variables)
      -side/tab infos are written in a MPXPTABS.INI file (instead of mpxplay.ini)
    -ASF tag read/write (in_asf.c)
    -FLAC tag write (in_flac.c)
    -dynamic playlist handling (editlist.c)
    -pslf option (startup.c)
    -startup + commandline + jukebox conflicts (program stayed in jukebox mode at non-jukebox commandline config) (startup.c)
    -startup + changed/autosaved sublist (startup.c, playlist.c, savelist.c)
    -better handling of empty playlists (jukebox.c, playlist.c, mpxplay.c)
    -removed double file opening at start of song (playlist.c, chkentry.c)
    -win32: some string/filename handling speed improvement (F4,shift-F2) (playlist.c, editlist.c)
    -win32: threads config (timer.c)

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    Mpxplay - 2011-09-13

    Mpxplay v1.59 alpha 4 is released on

    Basically this is just a bugfix release. I've made a couple of source modifications to compile Mpxplay with GCC, but it has no effect to the Watcom binaries. I mean, it shouldn't (be worse) …

    diffs between v1.59 alfa 4 and alfa 3
    -global modifications for GCC compiling, added gcc makefiles (makegcc, gw.bat)
    -dynamic playlist handling (editlist.c, skiplist.c)
    -multi-tabs handling (editlist.c, keyboard.c, display.c)
    -startup & hilite-scan (d-key) conflict (incorrect cleaning) (keyboard.c, mpxplay.c)
    -(y-resized) playlist editor initialization (possible crashing) (mpxplay.c, display.c)
    -browserbox generation overflow (fullscreen editor + alt-down freezing) (buttons.c)

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    Mpxplay - 2011-09-30

    Mpxplay v1.59 alpha 5 is released on

    diffs between v1.59 alfa 5 and alfa 4
    -modified ctrl-'f': added multiply sessions handling (open_ftp.c)
    -modified ctrl-F9 : switches between 3 different playlist editor sizes (keyboard.c)
    -new desktopmode flag (added to DesktopModeC too): 17. +131072 align fields in editor: separate filename and extension or artist and title (commander/player) (display.c)
    -player/commander mode display change at non standard values (listpos,songpos) (keyboard.c)
    -string comparison/sort (especially in DOS version) (pds_stricmp,pds_stri_compare) (string.c)
    -false button-color displaying in full-editor mode (button.c)
    -loading of file infos after ctrl-n (keyboard.c)
    -ftp retry window: url modifying at "couldn't mount/connect drive" (had no effect) (loaddir.c)
    -ftp close on multiply tabs (loaddir.c, editlist.c)
    -ftp (drive letter) startup-restore on multiply sides/tabs (loaddir.c, diskdriv.c, drv_ftp.c)
    -win32/ftp: modified default -drfc setting to 15 (diskdriv.h, drv_ftp.c)
    -win32:utf8 text in verbose mode/line (display.c)

    One minor problem around the ftp connections:
    Some servers don't like passive mode, some other don't like the 'active' one.
    You can select/modify this in the session manager (New connection or Edit).
    But if you don't disconnect from the server with ctrl-'k', but exit from the program,
    the program will (try to) restore the connection at the next start.
    But in this case only -drfc flags have effect on ftp connections, the unique session settings don't…
    (the ftp connections are restored with a single text line/url, there are no config flags/settings there)
    Maybe later I will correct this bug, but till that you should disconnect from those servers manually,
    which use non-passive mode. (which use different communication method than the -drfc sets)

    And another problem: passwords are not encrypted in mpxtabs.ini and in mpxp_ftp.ini neither…

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    Mpxplay - 2011-12-26

    I think so I (will) close this version in this status (without http client)…

    Mpxplay v1.59 beta is released on

    diffs between v1.59 beta and alfa 5
    -win32: added credentials control to manual (F2) playlist save (savelist.c)
    -minor ftp manager fixes (open_ftp.c)
    -win32/ftp: ssl (ftps,ftpes) connections (drv_ftp.c)
    -ftp/startup: error window closes automatically (if cannot restore ftp-drive) (loaddir.c)
    -ftp: using of ABOR command at data connection close (some servers can freeze without this) (drv_ftp.c)
    -ftp: directory change (CWD) and file read (dataconn) conflict (could freeze ftp reading) (drv_ftp.c)
    -deleting of unused autosaved playlists (MPXPnnnn.CUE) (playlists of removed tabs are not deleted) (savelist.c)
    -automatic playlist save (MPXPnnnn.CUE) after file rename/move (diskfile.c)
    -overwrite at (single) file rename/move (false credentials window) (diskfile.c)
    -MPG/VOB: freezing at bad/invalid (video only) files (ff_mpg.c)

    Please test the ftp client on different servers! It works at me, but who knows…

  • dos386

    dos386 - 2012-01-14

    > Please test the ftp client on different servers! It works at me, but who knows…

    IIRC it didn't work very well with the DOS version in the past … and the other problem
    was the lack of public FTP servers with audio … can you suggest some to test ?

    PS: thanks for all improvements (untested by me)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2012-01-15

    You should find such FTP server which doesn't work properly with Mpxplay. The latest (v1.59 beta) version works well on some public servers (like the ftp server of my internet provider) (so I don't suggest these to test), but probably there are many different FTP servers on many different platforms, let me know if you find a server where Mpxplay fails…

    Here is a list with some public servers. Some of them don't work at all or have no audio. Not all of them were tested…
    The 2. one works at me. But recommended to use the -inl option, else the directory/file handling will be slow…

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    Mpxplay - 2012-08-02

    Sorry for the long delay. I have a new job…

    Mpxplay v1.59 final is released on

    diffs between v1.59 final and beta
    -added FLV file handling/demuxing (audio playing) (ff_flv.c, in_ffmpg.c)
    -added Path line to fileinfo (F3) window (diskfile.c)
    -minor modification in the auto volume (-sva) method (calculation is placed before limiter, this gives more dynamic range) (mx_avol.c, au_mixer.c)
    -MKV (FFMPEG) PCM playing (small bs_buffer) (in_ffmpg.c)
    -win32/unicode: search (alt-letters) and id3filter (-if) (string.c/utf8_is_strstri)

    MKV and FLV seeking maybe not 100% correct (sometimes skips one song). FTPS/FTPES (win32/SSL) connection is also buggy.

  • Cthulhux

    Cthulhux - 2012-08-02

    Congratulations on your new job! :)

  • dos386

    dos386 - 2012-09-25

    > Sorry for the long delay.

    No problem … I've been dead anyway :-)

    > I have a new job…

    Congratulations on your new job! :-)

    > Mpxplay v1.59 final is released on


    (I'll test)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2012-09-25

    Thnx :)

    The hobby C programming is not really fun, if I have to do the same thing in my job too… :) (embedded systems)

    But I've made an Mpxplay  v1.60a1 too, just there's a mem leak bug somewhere, I should find it before releasing…


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