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  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2009-06-12

    I open a new topic for this.

    So, I couldn't find and correct any output/mixer related thing in the Intel HDA driver (I've just added and corrected some PCI/card ids). I hoped that there's something new in the latest ALSA, but it seems there's no...
    I've made a debug version, so please execute it, and send me the result on email ("mpxplay.exe > result.txt", and write Mpxplay in the subject line of email!)
    Probably the problem is in your BIOS, not in Mpxplay. It's a general soundcard handling, there's no any codec related thing in it. And it works at me...

    • Ficino

      Ficino - 2009-06-12

      I just downloaded, many thanks! Shall test this weekend and keep you informed.

    • dos386

      dos386 - 2009-06-13



      > Probably the problem is in your BIOS, not in Mpxplay.

      But how can the BIOS prevent MPXPLAY from properly accessing the sound chip ?

      I don't have access to any HDA PC so no test, sorry :-(

    • Mpxplay

      Mpxplay - 2009-06-13

      This is the part of my result.txt:

      codec vendor id:10EC0888
      total_nodes:1 afg_nodenum:1
      outcaps:00000000 incaps:00000000 afgsubnodes:37 anid:2
      node: 2 cons: 0 wc:00000011 t: 0 aoc:00000000 ot: 0 sf:000E0560 st: 0 of: 0
      node: 3 cons: 0 wc:00000011 t: 0 aoc:00000000 ot: 0 sf:000E0560 st: 0 of: 0
      node:37 cons: 0 wc:00000011 t: 0 aoc:00000000 ot: 0 sf:000E0560 st: 0 of: 0
      node:38 cons: 2 wc:0020010F t: 2 aoc:00051F1F ot: 4 sf:00000000 st:31 of:31
      dac0:2 dac1:0 out0:20 out1:27 vol0:12 vol1:20

      This is the "mixer-field", the connections between the inputs/outputs/DACs. And I think so (but I'm not sure) the BIOS fills this field (because the hardware itself has no standard, but this field has it). If this is missing or incorrect (probably the latter at Ficino), Mpxplay will not find the end point of the connections (ie: the DAC or the line-out)...

      I hope you didn't forget, that only the analog outputs work (shuld work), the SPDIF (digital) out is not initialized/configured.
      btw. probably the digital out doesn't work with Mpxplay at most of the cards (because I have no digital amplifier to develop and test it)...

      • Ficino

        Ficino - 2009-06-15

        Sorry for the delay in answering, my computer power supply broken and it took me some time until I have replaced it.
        There is no need to send you the debug data, I simply overlooked the lack of support for digital output, I just tested the analog output and Mpxplay works without problems with my Intel HDA. Thank you very much!

    • dos386

      dos386 - 2009-06-16

      > Mpxplay works without problems with my Intel HDA.

      So your bug report was false ? ............... :-( ............ :-) ..............

      Anyone else can test the HDA support ? I can't find any HDA PC now ...

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-06-28

    I've made a new DOS32A test version with the SWSSOCK/TCPIP DOS library (, for the DOS support of ftp-client (instead of using WATTCP32).
    You can download it from
    I used the Win32 Virtual Packet driver for the testing, but it hangs at "logging in…" at me (the program writes some status messages in the id3-window).
    I wonder that how does it work in a native DOS environment. (maybe you have to modify the SWS_SOCK.INI file settings)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-07-12

    Updated (2010.07.12)… Please try again… :)
    1. some old servers don't give back standard directory entries, Mpxplay doesn't see such dirs (yet)… I will work on it…
    2. some servers cannot handle the "file-close before eof" (like ), then the file handling/opening is very slow (Mpxplay reconnects to server after every file-close-error)


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