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  • ee99rsp

    ee99rsp - 2012-12-27

    've been using mpxplay with FreeDOS on a HP thinclient for some time now. Its a great way for me to access mp3 files stored on my network harddrive without having the need to run a PC in the background to serve the music like with my Roku soundbridge. I've never got my old NAS to work properly with the roku.

    For some time now I've tried to get round the problem with long file names accessed over the network. For the mp3's its fine, as the editorlist displays the ID3 tags, but with my playlist files (.m3u) it will only show the native 8 character long filename which doesn't usually make a lot of sense.  After reading up I found it's because MSclient doesn't support long file names over the network. I tried having the files on my local c: drive and I still couldn't see the full names. I've enabled LFN support in the mpxplay.ini, and I've tried various programs LFNDOS, DOSLFN, longname.exe and none seem to work.

    I found the MPXF front end had a good idea to combat this with fileinfo.cfg where this extra file allows a file name to be translated to something else on the screen ( filename.m3u=Description to display on LCD ). However, MPXF seems to crash a lot when I run it I think it's due to memory issues because of the network drivers etc..

    Has anyone had similar issues and found a solution?

    Could I make a request for the fileinfo.cfg file idea be put into the Mpxplay code on the next version??

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2013-01-03

    I've never been thinking on id3 support of playlist files, maybe I should …
    Only MXU list can store something extra infos for playlists (playlist in playlist), but you have to make it manually…


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