Any way to play all folders non stop?

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-19

    Is there some ini setting to have mpxplay goto the next parallel folder and resume playing?

    Im trying to find in the source where it restarts the cursor after playing all the files in one folder. I just need to stuff a
    in there should get the behaviour I want I think

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-12-20

    1. Why don't you use playlist?
    2. I did plan to make a general event handling/config (event executes keycode), but I've never made it. I don't know when will I do it…

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-21

    yea a playlist, that can certainly work but I plan on using this in a car PC/DOS setup. I want to be able to add files to some removable storage and just copy my folders of what music I want from my desktop PC. I keep everything organized by folders. I dont want to have to bother generating a playlist everytime.
    Pretty much every mp3 player ive had does the behaviour I describe in that it just moves to the next folder.
    BTW I managed to get mpxplay to compile and run in MS VC6. I like being able to step thru code with its debugger. Still need to do more decoders, theres a lot of ASM to convert over.
    The main loop in mpxplay can be quite confusing seems wherever I try to stuff some restart or jump to next directory just isnt working. Ill keep pluggin away at it.

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-12-21

    I assume those mp3 players pre-scan all directories, like if you use "mpxplay.exe c:\*.*\*.* " command line syntax…
    Or you can configure a fastlist key too (in mpxplay.ini): assign the c:\*.*\*.* scan to a keyboard button to refresh the directory-list.
    Yeah, maybe that was wrong to make too much things in watcom's asm syntax. But there was a time, when the speed improvements were the most important things…

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-21

    Allright ill give that a shot. Dad gum source forge forum sucks haha. no preview, doesnt acknowlege CR/LF. Let me try some markup
    I just wanted to say mpxplay is pretty awesome. For text console music player you cant beat it. despite what people say about MSDOS it has it uses, and you cant beat its boot time. Even tho the mpx source makes me want to pull my hair out its pretty good. :)


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