audio goes silent after playing certain mp3

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-25

    I found a set of mp3 that causes mpxplay to output silence even tho the VU/spectrum indicate that its decoding properly.
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    Even going back to play other mp3s that played fine before still result in silence. The volume control doesnt change anything. No indication of muting or volume change is apparent
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    The audio driver is IHD, using freedos

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-12-27

    It's a 22.5 kHz file, maybe your soundcard doesn't support this frequency properly.
    Try to use (at command line): -of 44100 (or SoundcardFreq=44100 in mpxplay.ini)

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-30

    After more experimenting I found that the group of "silent" mp3's will play if you try to play several other mp3's (usually about 6 or so) then the audio will suddenly kick in. Im almost positive its some bug in the ID3 tag reading part, causing an overflow into some program variables.                 Works fine on official windows port.                       FYI on a MS VC6 build of mpxplay the debugger will throw a memory exception on  "text=0; // cut to window" on some of the strings.

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-12-30

    "Works fine on official windows port" … no comment :D
    byw. currently I have no DOS partition in my machines (I had to delete the last one due to my new win2008 home-server)
    I will try to keep the DOS source compatibility for a while, and I will compile the DOS version under XP …
    If you think so that the id3 reading causes the problem, then try -in option (to disable id3 reading) and check the result…
    DID YOU TRY -of 44100 OPTION???

    If you make any usefull bugfixes, modifications, maybe I will put them in the official release too. If you like…

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2010-12-31

    Ok the SoundcardFreq=44100 options works.       What I dont understand was why there would be audio only sometimes when you play the file before?  I notice in the IHD driver you mention   "// under 44100 it sounds terrible on my ALC888, rather we use the freq converter of Mpxplay"  do you do some on the fly resampling?   I take this 44100 option forces it to stay in 44100 mode regardless of the imput sample rate?                                                                   

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-12-31

    Some (I mean most new) soundcards don't like (can't handle properly) hardware frequency changes. Sometimes work, sometimes it doesn't.
    If you use -of option, the soundcard freq will be constant, and (yes) Mpxplay will do an "on the fly" resampling. (it's just a linear interpolation)
    You have to test the proper soundcard freq (ear test), use -sct to see the possible max freq. You can try -of 48000 and 96000 too. I also use(d) -ob 24 option on my IHD (16 is the default). Sounds better…


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