v1.57: CUE file handling

  • japheth

    japheth - 2010-03-22


    I got the impression that if mpxplay is feeded with a .CUE file, it doesn't position correctly.

    test case:

    I used EAC to rip a CD, output is one .CUE and one .FLAC file.
    Foobar2000 is able to find the correct start positions if it opens the .CUE file
    OTOH, Mpxplay positions a bit "too late", so one might miss the very first 1 or 2 seconds.

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2010-03-25

    Sorry, It's a general seekeng problem at VBR files. I wrote only MP3 and OGG in the moreinfo.txt, but FLAC is also VBR…
    Currently Mpxplay calculates a near seeking point from the ABR (length). This is fast, but no exact. We should seek from the begin of file, reading all frames to reach the seek-point. (I have no better idea) Currently only MPC (I mean my MusePack decoder) uses such seeking, because its fileformat requires this.
    Next time when I will break the decoder/file-handler api, then I'll try to care with this problem too. It will be not a fast bugfix, but it wil be a hard work, because every fileformats needs unique solution (and some formats uses large frames, so not enough to seek to the frame header, we also have to decode some data from the frame)… If I'll make it at all… I don't promise…
    btw. I also use Foobar to convert such flac/ape albums to separated files. (I don't keep the albums in one large file)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2011-07-17

    I've found that most of the FLAC files have an index/seeking table, just sometimes (usually?) with 10 sec seekpoint distance. But with an average calculation between the seekpoints we  can get a 1-3 sec precision. I think so this is better than the current/old method. I will put this modification in the next 1.59a2 release. (other major modification will be the tag editing of asf, flac, ogg and mp4 files)


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