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Mpxplay-MMC v2.00

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-01-07

    I develop a new player, based on the old Mpxplay source, using QT development tools.
    Now I released a pre-alpha version, but it's still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
    So, everything can change, nothing is tested too much, a couple of things are missing.
    The program can crash many times, so sometimes manually exit from the program to save the settings (else you will lose them).
    It also can play video files by DShow filters (Haali Media Splitter, FFDshow), enabling the video playing in the menu-config (and use a Win7DSFilterTweaker program to modify the Win7 settings).
    And the program doesn't really work properly under WinXP, only in Win7. I'll try to work on this too.

    So, just try it, and play with it, use it if you can.
    Updates on the way (depending on my time)...

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-02-01

    The first "official" alpha 1 is released.

    Added A/V mixer control, seek bar, (bottom) video control bar, translucent windows, some new buttons (placed under video), more config options, and corrected audio playing.
    The playlist tab handling is not corrected yet, so the program sometimes still can crash surfing on tabs...
    Don't use the MPXP_GUI.INI file from the previous version, the control bits are different.

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-02-17

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 2 is released on

    -transparent (video) window over desktop
    -compiled (new) input plugins (ad_mp380, ad_opus, ad_speex, in_dts, in_mod)
    -added some new config options, taskbar control, program icon, menu changes
    -bugfixes: http chunked streams, gui window handling, playlist editor font sizes

    Last edit: Mpxplay 2014-02-17
  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-03-16

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 3 is released on

    This is a minor bugfix release.
    Added mousewheel volume control over video, modifications/bugfixes in the crossfade (at different freqs and at streams), at mixer-sliders (to set center value using mouse wheel), at (older format) Vorbis playing, at playlist skip in stop mode, and at tooltips on skip buttons.

    Last edit: Mpxplay 2014-03-16
  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-10-25

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 4 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 alpha 4 and alpha 3
    -added Opus multichannel decoding (in_ogg.c, ad_opus.dll)
    -added Opus handling to MKV (ff_mkv.c)
    -corrected OGG duration calculation (in_ogg.c)
    -corrected ASF duration calculation (in_asf.c)
    -corrected bitstream demux (-o -obs) (in_file.c, au_mixer.c)
    -MOV/MP4: parsing (with wave or unknown atoms), reading and writing metadata (in_mp4.c)
    -demuxing (internal seeking) of video files (basically at MKV) (mpxinbuf.c)
    -autosave of cue file (MPXP1000.CUE) after drive scan (-ds c) (wrong full path) (savelist.c)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2014-11-09

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 5 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 alpha 5 and alpha 4
    -transparency and translucent-editor setting for inactive window (losing focus on main window) (mainwindow.cpp, config.cpp, editor.cpp)
    -removed delay at mainwin fadeout on video, indicated by non-editor keys (e.g.: by mouse pointer) (mainwindow.cpp, editor.cpp, video_qt.cpp)
    -configure: tranclucent editor settings moved to Opacity page (config.cpp)
    -window and mouse cursor hide/show (mainwindow.cpp, video_qt.cpp)
    -transparent mode restore at program start (mainwindow.cpp, config.cpp)
    -other various (usually onvideo) gui fixes (mainwindow.cpp)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2015-01-04

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 6 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 alpha 6 and alpha 5
    -added new configuration options with tooltip helps to the Tools->Configure
    -added new configuration options to mpxplay.ini
    -added new SortControl flags (see moreinfo.txt) and corrected sorting method
    -added new LoadID3tag flag: +16: preload informations from slow devices too (ftp,http) (disabled by default)
    -Ogg demuxing / playing when single-stream serial is zero or (http) stream losts sync
    -GUI fixes: disabling video support (jammed ontop flag), wrong inactive mainwindow setting at opening config/dialogs
    -GUI freeze at exit with shutdown
    -soundcard detect retry with default audio values (if config values were wrong, the program didn't start)
    -WDS output: mono playing
    -FPL list with http entries

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2015-02-04

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 alpha 7 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 alpha 7 and alpha 6
    -added Icecast Radio Directory to FTP connecions
    -added http metadata read and update in playlist editor and program header (depends on the LoadID3Tag +32 flag, usually it have no effect at Ogg streams)
    -http: creates filename from ID3 tag at recording stream of current song (alt-F5)
    -new LoadID3Tag flag:
    +32: load ID3 tags from low level devices too (Icecast, http)
    -new ProgramControl flags:
    +16: open unknown (like jpg,pdf,doc) file types with default (external) system application (enabled by default)
    +32: open all files with default system application (inside A/V playing still can be controlled with ctrl-enter and skip keys)
    -faster file open (removed duplicated file open) at pressing enter
    -FTP/HTTP: new (low level) connect mode, can be terminated by esc
    -Ctrl-'E' (rename by ID3) : removed automatic track number
    -sort control at EXT,FILESIZE,FILEDATE orders
    -ID3 tag writing on http entries (mem leak, wrong error message)
    -incomplete drive list at starting with virtual (ftp) drives
    -filenames with '\' or '/' subdir separator (work both)
    -http pathes without filename in playlist editor (wrong filename extension cut)
    -F2 (playlist save): Enter in filename window had no effect
    -F2 : EXTM3U save with artist:title info, but without length
    -currsong search & update info in playlist at changing or reloading playlist
    -security fixes around currsong
    -corrected ISO bugs reported by GCC (mostly ad_ape, ad_wavpa)
    -FLAC: improved stability (extra bitstream checkings)
    -corrected crossfade between different freqs and channels
    -string handling optimizations

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2015-02-05

    A fast minor update (alpha 7.2)
    -metadata text conversions for DLLs (MOD)
    -playlist title update from http (on wrong entry at the case of duplicated addresses)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2015-02-05

    A minor update / bugfix release (alpha 7.3)
    -UTF16 text conversions

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-04-12

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 beta1 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 beta 1 and alpha 7.3
    -modifications/new (general):
    -created installer version
    -new key: KeyEditSubDirLst (no assigned key) : load files from current and subdirs into a sublist
    -added FileTypesExt to mpxplay.ini to configure the loading/displaying of extra filetype extensions
    -added Null sound output (for testing)
    -new StartupType flag: +32:save at every new file
    -added build date info
    -modifications/new (GUI):
    -added context menu to video surface by right mouse click
    -removed single-core setting for non-Mpxplay threads (faster GUI and video playing)
    -playlist editor: added tooltip fileinfos (disabled by default, enable in Configure->Display)
    -playlist editor: right mouse press popups system context menu
    -playlist editor: right mouse click selects/unselects entry
    -drive select (alt-F1/F2) : drive can be selected by letter ('a'-'z') too
    -List menu: added "Subdirs <-> Sublist load" (KeyEditSubDirLst) function
    -seekbars : mouse wheel seeks rewind/forward, center/right mouse click skips back/forward
    -removed credentials handling (it doesn't work under Win7)
    -bugfixes/modifications (general):
    -program freeze at keyboard-push
    -program freeze at compare dirs (shift-F2)
    -crossfade (glitches) at the first song
    -rename subdir with ctrl-'e'
    -move file to readonly dir (deleted source file)
    -multiply file copy/move/rename with single filename wildcard
    -save playlist/sublist if other side is readonly
    -save playlist side naming at different editor layouts
    -saved file signed not-saved
    -sublist signed not-saved
    -update ID3 from http (from low level drive) in playlist
    -wrong shell execution for playlists in commander mode
    -bugfixes/modifications (GUI/Win32):
    -better thread handling: more priority to decoder thread, added some extra mutexes for better data protection
    -added "Reset video widget after fullscreen" option to video config to correct "Show main window on video" problems
    -corrected "Show drives in dirs" function
    -better/faster dialog window handling
    -better status line displaying
    -faster program start (parallel GUI and playlist load, GUI init optimization)
    -removed unneccessary small window at starting
    -mouse pointer hide over video
    -new batch and make files for simplier building (wcw.bat, wcd32.bat, wcd4g.bat, qti.bat, MAKEWC, MPXP_DOS32.LNK, MPXP_DOS4G.LNK)
    -reduced include file loading for faster compiling

    Known bugs:
    - Uninstaller doesn't delete files from user's Appdata, if the user has no admin rights (removes admin's appdata and the executable with docs)
    - Drive control bar still has issues, disabling it (in display config) improves stability

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-05-24

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 beta2 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 beta 2 and beta 1
    -added Fullscreen switch to video context menu (hidden if "Reset video widget" is enabled)
    -video mixer sliders didn't work after fullscreen switch if "Reset video widget" was enabled
    -corrected mouse cursor hide/show at video playing
    -corrected seekbar init
    -improved stability at mainwindow select/deselect (events overload)
    -improved stability of playlist editor

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-06-06

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 beta3 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 beta 3 and beta 2
    -improved stability of playlist editor & driveline (alternative tabs creating)
    -reset time infos (sliders) at play stop
    -corrected "Reset video widget" if video window is disabled

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-06-15

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 beta4 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 beta 4 and beta 3
    -modifications/new (GUI):
    -increased number of tabs per side (from 8 to 16)
    -removed KeyCDdoor 'O' key assignment
    -modifications/new (general):
    -new key: KeyEditID3Search (no assigned key) to start ID3-search with a single key (without ALT-letter key)
    -bugfixes/modifications (GUI):
    -improved stability of playlist editor (non-objective malloc/free)
    -driveline initialization/update, ftp drive reconnect at startup
    -driveline follows drive connect/disconnect (tabs & driveline update)
    -play tab signing after play tab change
    -seekbar time position
    -bugfixes/modifications (general):
    -corrected non-filtered ID3-search (after pressing ESC at finish)

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-07-25

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 beta5 is released on

    diffs between v2.00 beta 5 and beta 4
    -modifications/new (GUI):
    -added "Open files", "Open directory" and "Open url" to File menu
    -added "Add files", "Add directory" and "Add url" to tab context menus (removed "Open list", "Add files" opens lists too)
    -added "Search in list" to list menu
    -new key: KeyEditOpenFiles (ctrl-'o') : open and play files (songs or lists)
    -TCP wait can be terminated with Stop button or with double click on an editor entry
    -tooltip on editor entries: at currently played stream: the full path, artist and title are displayed
    -modifications/new (general):
    -added MckicString to MPXPTABS.INI to save and restore id3-search/filter string
    -at track change, if TCP connect is terminated with ESC key, the program doesn't skip to next file
    -bugfixes/modifications (GUI):
    -mainwindow deinit, dialogs handling (possible crash at exit)
    -shell context menu (right mouse press on editor): pressing on empty lines uses current directory for menu
    -made video control bar unmovable
    -corrected pds_memq functions (macros) when NEWFUNC_ASM is disabled (affected:CV_FREQ,DRV_CD,RANDLIST,SORTLIST)
    -bugfixes/modifications (general):
    -file copy/move/rename: ID3 (artist-title) update if it was created from (long)filename
    -LFN to ID3 conversion: missing title at incorrectly detected tracknumber
    -possible freeze at end-of-file/skip
    -id3 tag edit on multiply files (error handling / ignoring / editor update)
    -replay-song after startup -> song replayed at startup position
    -playlist entries files infos load under filtered ID3 search -> filtered entries were not loaded after pressing backspace

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2016-08-28

    Mpxplay MMC v2.00 final is released on

    diffs between v2.00 final and beta 5
    -modifications/new (GUI):
    -the program is re-built with MinGW 5.4.0 and Qt 5.3.2, because some antivirus programs detected Mpxplay-MMC as trojan/malware (MinGW 4.xx problem)
    -modifications/new (general):
    -added new HighLight scan mode: start at half/center of file (enable with new option: -phsh, or new PlayControl flag: +8)
    -bugfixes/modifications (general):
    -modified HighLight scan start position to the center of the song, if the song duration is less than 1m10s
    -modified -phs (-phsh) options: added automatic play start (can be overrided by -ppn)
    -corrected HighLight scan start in stop (file-not-opened) status
    -corrected Ctrl-Enter behavior in stop (file-not-opened) status


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