I've now had a chance to look at this, and have added some changes to CVS. I haven't had the opportunity to test the changes thoroughly with tasks that have resource assignments. Please let me know how you get on, and whether there are still problems remaining in this area.
p.s. the usual 5 hour wait will probably apply before you'll be able to grab the changes from SourceForge!
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Subject: [Mpxj-developers] Percentage complete field rounding problem

Hi all.
       Iam facing a problm in the %complete field.Irrespective of the resources assigned  to a task,the % complete value after update in xml format is not accurate its rounding off to next + -(Plus or minus)15% value.
      The following is the list of the values that i entered in the input MPP file,and the values obtained in MSPDI file in XML format.
    If whatever values in the range of 90% is entered in the input MPP file,then in the resulting MSPDI File in xml format it will show 100% when resources are assigned.
   For 25,50,75,14 % values as input , it displays exact values after the update when resources are assigned and when resources are not assigned it shows 0,0,0,12% respectively
Input Percentage values                                  With Resources Assigned                              Without Resources
  95%                                                                    100%                                                            95%
  75%                                                                     75%                                                              0%
  45%                                                                     43%                                                             39%
  25%                                                                     25%                                                               0%
      Pls can anyone help me in this regard