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Code migrated to GIT

Source code have been migrated from CVS to GIT - while old CVS repository is still accessible, further development will be done in the GIT repository:

Posted by Martin Petříček 2011-02-20

MP View 0.4.4 released

MP View 0.4.4 released

* Updated CImg to 1.3.1, adding OpenMP option to configure script (disabled by default)
* Changing zoom with "fit to window" enabled will deactivate it and start zooming from actually shown zoom.
* Minor bugfixes

Posted by Martin Petříček 2009-08-27

MP View 0.4.3 released

MP View 0.4.3 released.

* Added german translation (currently incomplete), thanks to Ronny Steiner
* Added Gnome icon theme, created by Jonathan Hooverman
* Fullscreen mode
* Support for printing the image
* MP View can be compiled with GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick
* Minor improvements/bugfixes

Posted by Martin Petříček 2009-08-14

MP View 0.4.2 released

MP View 0.4.2 released.

CImg updated to 1.3.0, few new image operations added and some minor bugs are fixed

Full changelog:
* Split Image menu to Image and Filter menu
* Added gradient computation functions
* Added dilation and erosion functions
* Updated CImg to 1.3.0
* Added Left rotation and Rename functions
* Removed .txt extension from mask for Matlab DLM files (only .dlm remains), as ordinary text files are sometimes attempted to load as DLM files, producing weird errors/hangups.

Posted by Martin Petříček 2009-04-29

MP View 0.4.1 released!

This release brings only small improvements and fixes few bugs.

Full Changelog:
* Updated CImg to 1.2.7
* Added function to delete currently viewed image
* Better language switching (can be switched in options, env. variables can be thus overridden)
* Ability to set size of icons to any number from 12 to 128 pixels
* Changing icon theme or icon path no longer requires restarting program to take effect.
* Source code cleanups, minor fixes

Posted by Martin Petříček 2008-03-02

MP View 0.4.0 package for Mandriva 2008

MP View 0.4.0 RPM package for Mandriva 2008 was just added into download section. Thanks to Jarek for building and contributing the package.

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-10-25

MP View 0.4.0 is now released

Dialog code was improved to be fully usable and few bugs were fixed. Also, for compiling windows build, statically linked QT 4.3.0 was used instead of dynamically linked Qt 4.2.3 as in older releases.

Full Changelog:
* Dialog code improved and made fully usable
* Enum types support in dialog and help finished, new types added
* Fixed some bugs
* Updated to newer CImg

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-06-10

MP View 0.3.0 released

Added new functions: crop and conversion.
Also many minor improvemnts and bugfixes.

Full changelog:
* Added functions: clampabove, clampbelow
* Added function to convert between greyscale, greyscale with alpha, RGB and RGBA
* Added selection rectangle
* Added crop function
* GUI improvements
* Several bugfixes

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-05-23

MP View 0.2.0 is out

MPView 0.2.0 was released.
There are many new functions, speedup, many bugs fixed.
This version is now fully usable as a viewer, most image manipulations work as

Changes from 0.1.0:
* 8bit greyscale images shown properly
* Added functions: sharpen, median filter, multiply, noise, normalize,
quantize, sqrt, negative
* Console can be shown or hidden (F8)
* Image may be centered or shown in corner of window
* + and - keys can be used to zoom image, zoom shown in statusbar
* Added image size and cursor position to statusbar
* Reduced memory consumption when viewing large images
* Added screen capture ability
* Images larger than window can be scrolled using arrow keys or with mouse
while holding right mouse button
* Resize supported (on commandline)
* Commandline help system improved
* Undo supported
* Filename shown in titlebar
* Drawing the image is much faster
* Minor bugfixes and improvements

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-05-13

MP View 0.1.0 released

MP View 0.1.0 was released, but it should be rather considered as a preview, as it probably contain many bugs and most of the planned functuionality is not yet implemented.

However, if you want to test it, head to download page:

Posted by Martin Petříček 2007-05-06