Faze - 2012-11-05

Where are they I just not able to view them so far any time over the years.

I only use MPUI with Mplayer and dislike other front end SPlayer etc. So would be nice to see dvd menu when playing a dvd.

Only way I have seen a way to see title menu is to keep navigating backwards |< although after that menus will stop. When do so some dvd have language to choose and can do this. Then maybe a clip play (copyright or other) or more times nothing the player has stopped. Not able to continue or press play have to continue with next >| and then jumps into the movie. As would do any other time jumps to movie.

Would like to have menus since is experience for watching a dvd. I know at any time can by pass them by using title navigation drop list. Also note there is no drop list to navigate to title or able to navigate to tile from title drop list. Please don't let the cool front end suffer any longer. By now should be able to have dvd menus on play and more navigation options on drop list such as title and other menus.

This is using Mulders Mplayer for Windows with no SPlayer installed and with MPUI as front end the way all MPlayer setups should be like. I select MPUI option via its options if other options required to do this to see menus and other features. Please make MPUI so all those options are available in MPUI options so we have full control.

Other tweak needed is better wording for all options > video > video output driver since most (all) of those I have no clue to their meaning. Such as gl I guess for Open GL but meaning of the rest of the option unknown, same for all other option in same drop list. Nice to have those options better to know what they are in full. Mouse over explanation for each would be nice. There's another an option please for when mouse over user can select duration for time out before mouse over disappears.