MPRIS Applet(GNOME) screenshot
MPRIS Applet is a project aims to provide desktop panel applet/plugin allow the user to control MPRIS capable players.
Unlike Panflute Music Applet, special plugin for each player isn't required in order to be compatible with this applet/plugin. Only MPRIS version 1 or 2 support is required from the player.
Unlike Ayatana Sound Menu, which is Ubuntu only, MPRIS Applet isn't distro depended. Only UNIX style is required.
Currently supported Desktop Environments are GNOME and Xfce(also, a basic GTK2/GTK3 window).
However, more desktops support is planned, and very possible thanks to this project libraries structure.

home page: http://mprisapplet.sf.net


In order to install MPRIS Applet, you'll need at least three packages:
1. MPRIS Applet Base - The base(core) library that the applet/plugin shell use.
2. Rendering engine back-end - The library which the applet/plugin shell use in order to manage the "box", but does not control over right click context menu.
Currently only GTK back-end is available, both for GTK2 and GTK3.
3. Specific DE applet/plugin - This is the actual panel applet/plugin that is used to registrar and manage the plugin for the specific DE. Currently available:

Cloning from hg repo.

For downloading source(aka. cloning) using mercurial, cd(change directory) to an empty directory and type in terminal:

hg clone http://mprisapplet.hg.sf.net:8000/hgroot/mprisapplet/{name} .

"name" can be one of the following:

If you wish to browse mercurial repository, click on the appropriate link from the list.
See Mercurial web-site for full manual.

Help required!

MPRIS Applet need new developers. If you wish to help, PM me.

Ohloh project report for MPRIS Applet