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  • Danny Gaethofs

    Danny Gaethofs - 2008-11-14

    Hi there,

    In one of the presentations given at orange you make a statement about whether one has to jump on the Open Source wagon (sun) or the microsoft wagon. However when I look at which database mpower can work with only microsoft is listed, why not MySQL ?


    • Paul Dorsey

      Paul Dorsey - 2008-11-14

      Hey Danny.  I'm must have missed the presentation that statement was made in, and cant' really speak to that, but I can answer your question.

      The version of the software that is now 10.2 was originally developed as a closed source Microsft .Net / Microsoft SQL Server application.  While it has now been open sourced, there are many places in the code where there are hard coded queries, queries are generated, stored procedures and user defined SQL functions that will not work with mySql.  At this point, we have not taken the time that would be necessary to go back and retrofit that application to work with mySql.

      However, the new web based applications that we are developing are being developed against mySql, but are being written in a way so that they are database agnostic.  For example, the reporting wizard can be set up to store it's data in either mySql or SQL Server.  It also has the ability to build reports against both.

      Hope that answers your question.


    • Danny Gaethofs

      Danny Gaethofs - 2008-12-03


      Thanks for your reply. Do you have an idea when this will become available ? How are you realizing the database agnostic approach ?

      Are you working with Hibernate, JPox , ... ?


      • Erica Green

        Erica Green - 2008-12-03


        We are planning to release the beta version of our web based applications sometime in the first quarter of 2009.  And, we are using Hibernate for our database agnostic approach.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.



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