MPlayerXP-0.7.95 has been released

I'm glad to announce the next release of the project which opens new epoch in its generation.

Brief list of changes for this release:
* significant acceleration of playback. Now 64-bit version can scale 640x480 up to 2000x1500+ at 25 FPS
in real-time without frame-dropping with using of non-accelerated '-vo x11' driver
on Quad-Core AMD Phenom-9550 running at 2.2GHz
* project migrated from CVS on SVN
* Renamed command-line arguments to be more object-oriented
* Redesigned internal architecture of the player (now it being building statically with all internal libs)
* new configure script
* modified some drivers and added new ones.
* fixed some lacks and bugs (now player can play H.264 on non-accelerated X11 surface)
* started replacement of all inline asm code with intrinsic technology called as pvector (portable vector library).

Posted by Anonymous 2010-01-25

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