mplayerplug-in v2.60 released

Quit mplayer when "everything done" message is sent from mplayer
Clean up memory in plugin-threads.cpp
Support onMediaComplete event in embed tag
Internally we know, media percent and media length in seconds
Javascript methods: getTime(), getDuration(), getPercent()
Updated INSTALL instructions to match website
Support onEndOfStream event in embed tag, same code as onMediaComplete
Added mediaprogress bar to GUI, although some media types can't use it, QT for example
Documented javascript in DOCS/tech/javascript.txt
Documented locking rules in DOCS/tech/locking_rules.txt
Added config option "nodownloadmedia" that does not download the large files.
Fixed crasher when EMBED tag used, but window size is 0x0
Fix to fullyQualifyURL for file:// urls
Make gecko-sdk option work with mozilla 1.7
Changed case of javascript commands to have first letter uppercased
Windows media "controls" methods implemented (play, pause, stop)
Reworked handling of video / UI in NP_FULL mode.
Make ShowControls property work
Change option nodownloadmedia to nomediacache
Start fullscreen javascript property work
Fixed controls method crash after 3 clicks.
Fixed ShowControls so that buttons are drawn correctly in all cases
Fixed SetFullScreen methods and added UI button to swtich back and forth
Forgot to include FS button in showmediacontrols
Fix case where showcontrols = 0 and fullscreen = 1 and media ends. No way to get out.
Added "" to help find out about mozilla
Change mediacallback to be called from the gtk idle loop rather than the thread
Unused code cleanup
Fix pointer error
Fix fullscreen mode in NP_FULL mode
Basic Popup Menu
Fix comparision of nomediacache option
Added ShowControls and Set Fullscreen checked menu items
UI cleanups and refinements
Fix to make popup menu work over video with versions of mplayer that support it (1.0pre2 and higher I think)
plug-in will detect if the option is available and fallback if support not available
Fix issues with nomediacache and file not getting played
Added javascript method "showlogo" and embed option "showlogo"
Playlist parsing audit and fixes
Make work, although mplayer has issues with this media.
new specfiles for rh9 and fc1, fc1 one is still default. rh9 file requires gecko-sdk.
Make menu and fullscreen work in GTK1 mode
Progress bar size fixes when switching between embedded and fullscreen modes
Make NetFlix previews work again.
Menu option to "save" the media, only available when media is fully downloaded. Filename is in menuitem
Fix crash caused by save menu enable callback when playlist is complete
Make media at work
Mask out crash caused in kill_mplayer
Set window background to be black when in fullscreen mode (GTK2 only)
Minor callback fixes
Fix issue with QuickTime files that contain http in them.
Ignore HTML files in playlist processeing.
Clean up X, GTK1, and GTK2 compiling and some minor GTK1 fixes

Posted by Kevin DeKorte 2004-04-21

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