mplayerplug-in v1.2 released

Change Log
QuickTime streaming, speed work
Fix crasher on url
This was caused by an incorrect assumption about Quicktime MOV Reference files
rmda elements can contain rmdr and rdrf in any order, files I had only showed one order.
When keep-download=1 write mms url's into $dload-dir/playlist for reference
All unwanted streams are now cancelled and not downloaded with QT autospeed.
Changed qt-speed config option from a 0-12 number to [low|medium|high], this should be final now
Fixed crasher in smil format support when bitrate not specified.
Fixed bug with MSN Music site where http urls are self referencing and act like MMS Streams
Applied patch from Erich that reduces the amount of flicker when updating the status screen
Changed Full Redraw threshhold from 50 to 80, some sites were a little crammed.
Merged patch from Erich to display progress bar during download
Fixed bug where video was streamed rather then downloaded, when it should be downloaded
Proper smil format support, with nested video tags with seq tags
Found an extra ; in the speed adjustment code that was causing med and high speeds to be off

Posted by Kevin DeKorte 2004-01-22

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