Kevin,  thanks.  I 'll try tomorrow, and let you know how it looks.


2006/5/2, Kevin DeKorte <>:
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Ok, I put the down triangle into CVS. So it will be in tomorrows (May
3,2006) daily. Let me know how that looks. The string is still
translatable, so it can be adjusted per language as well.


Kevin DeKorte wrote:
> Luuk,
> Well, I have made the "buffered" message as a translatable string, so if
> someone updates your language you can change it to what you want.
> Symbols might be hard to do based on font encodings and such. I might
> look into it but no promises.
> I'm guessing that the message was 99% buffered and stopped there. I made
> a change to the code yesterday that makes the buffering message
> disappear at 99% or higher. I think there was a rounding error that
> caused the percentage to never reach 100%.
> Kevin
> Luuk Mulder wrote:
>>> Hi Kevin,
>>> The download status unfortunatelly never reaches 100%, maybe you can do
>>> something about this?  And a suggestion: maybe it looks better when you
>>> replace  " 50% buffered"  by  a  symbol;  like for example "50% ??" ?
>>> Kind regards,  Luuk
>>> 2006/4/29, Kevin DeKorte < < >>:
>>> Eric wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to enable a status bar or some sort of indicator
>>> that the video file isn't completely downloaded?
>>>> Like with quicktime in windows the video length bar has a seperate
>>> color code for where you currently are in teh video in relation to
>>> how much of the total video file has been downloaded.
>>> Tonights nightly code will have something for this in it.
>>> Kevin
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