after deeply invesitgating xul/browser/dom/js
it seems that the problem is that I get XPCNativeWrapper object of the plugin
How to get the real one ?

Its a chrome app, with browser element in which there can
be videos.


2007/8/6, Asaf O <>:
I tried whats called "Event Capturing"
doesnt work on plugin windows

means : I Try to capture the event in the parent browser, (with addEventListener) , works
fine with normal elements but not plugins.
thats a shame , becouse it would have solved the problem much nicer.

any ideas on how to get fullscreen toggle on click ?

2007/8/6, Kevin DeKorte <>:
Hash: SHA1

Asaf O wrote:
> preferably even with only X support compiled in
>  any has an idea ?
> sepcificly for my application I need to toggle fullscreen
> when clicked, but I could make it more generic
> how to connect X event / gdk event to the window ? (both regular /
> fullscreen)
> thanks
> Asaf

You can do this with javascript quite easily, just hook the click event
and then call the fullscreen method.

I don't think you can do it with X mode.

you may also want to look at gecko-mediaplayer/gnome-mplayer and see if
they do what you want.


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