2007/1/15, Kevin DeKorte <kdekorte@gmail.com>:
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Asaf O wrote:
> Hello Kevin
> We've discussed this a couple of months ago
> and you said you have some more partitioned
> source code which would ease the porting work.
> I want to suggest that I would take this
> more organized code-base you have and apply
> all the current trunk code into this better code-base.
> than it would be easier for me and others to make
> pathces for mplayerplug-in , including porting to platforms
> ( all those that have both firefox & mplayer are candidates)
> I would take responsebilty for the windows for a first while.
> Thanks
> Asaf


Well, there is a CVS module out there that is incomplete called
mozilla-mediaplayer. Basically, you should be able to create a
ui-windows.[cc|hh] files and create the windows specific customizations
in that file.

However, I will let you know that while I will try to keep the code
compatible with the path I started in mozilla-mediaplayer. I am dumping
that code and starting a new tree, that I have not released and have not
done much with yet. I'm redoing all the automake stuff and fixing some
other problems that I'm not entirely happy with. But I have a long way
to go with it.


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You think I can have a look at that new tree ?