I have installed mplayer plugin 2.85 for my firefox 1.04 on Linux flatform. It usually works well.
But when I visited on http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dynpages/servlet/Engine?operation=ASE
and try to play the last entry of the list, which named Oracle OLAP 10g Release 2, mplayer plugin
failed to play it.  It is a page that you can listen the audio(real audio type) and see the slide of presentation at the same time.
I am sure that I have already enabled the real option in /etc/mplayerplgu-in.conf, and it can played others real audios and videos smoothly.
Besides, I try to open this link in windows XP with IE browers, It work well.

So, does anyone can tells me what happens and how to deal with it?

thanks a lot.