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Hi, Kevin,

I tried to find a more detailed specification of how asx playlists and asx entries work (see below), and I believe my theory of synchronous execution of asx entries is right. I put the relevant bit of the specification in bold/italics: according to it, the next ENTRY element should be processed only *after* the current piece of (mms) content is done playing.

That portal video.globo.com depends on this sync of the asx specification in order to issue synched http-request + mms-requests. Why this sync is required for this specific portal is beyond me, but maybe it tries to force the users to use a browser (and see the ads...) or it is just a weird implementation.

Anyway, I'll look at the source file you told me and try to make it work in my case. I really don't want to use wmp anymore.
Marcus Granado

From http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms910286.aspx


REF: This element specifies a URL for a piece of media content. The URL can point to any media type supported, using any protocol supported by the WMP control. The most common use of this element is for URL rollover. If the WMP control is unable to open a piece of media defined in a REF element, it tries the URL in the next REF element. Once the WMP control opens media content from a URL defined within the scope of one ENTRY element, it ignores subsequent REF tags within that ENTRY element. After the piece of content is done playing, the WMP control moves on to the next ENTRY element, if any.

Important   Once the WMP control establishes a connection to a referenced piece of content, it ignores all other REF elements in that ENTRY, whether the connection terminates normally or abnormally.


<TITLE>Example Clip</TITLE>
<REF HREF="mms://example.microsoft.com/selection1.asf" />
<REF HREF="mms://example.microsoft.com/mirror/selection1.asf" />

By: magnesium (mg12) - 2007-02-08 10:06
I was trying to use mplayerplug-in to replace windows media player at video.globo.com, and noticed that for some reason, videos with several parts only play the first one. 
I used Firebug to obtain the list [1] below, showing the html code used by the portal to show up the embedded video: the internal iframe loads a frame containing a object+embed tags containing a src pointing to the following url: 
this url loads the asx file in list [2] below. Notice that it contains a list of entries, each one a part of the video. Only the first entry plays inside mplayerplug-in. The others do not show up. 
I would like to know if ASX 3.0 lists are supported at all. If so, I'll try to dig deeper to find out what might be going on. If not, I would like to suggest adding it to the next version, and of course I would be glad to test it. 
---- list [1] ---- 
<div id="videoEmbed"> 
<iframe id="gmc_embed_iframe_1170956064591" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="width: 320px; height: 288px;" name="gmc_embed_iframe_1170956064591" src=" http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCAbrePlayer?midiaId=634332&autoStart=true&sessaoId=7822&embedInterno=true&corFonte=73899D&corLink=4F4F4E&requisitos=true&nocache=1170956064622"> 
<div id="player_embed" class=""> 
<div id="player" style="display: block;"> 
<embed id="gmcPlayer_1170956072681" width="320" height="250" stretchtofit="1" showstatusbar="1" type="application/x-mplayer2" src=" http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCPlayListASX?midiaId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx"/> 
<div id="videoAtual" style="display: none;"> 
<div id="enviar" style="display: none;"/> 
<ul id="base_video" style="display: none;"> 
<div id="videoBarra" style="display: block;"> 
<div id="iframe"/> 
<div id="debug"/> 
---- list [2] ---- 
<asx version = "3.0"> 
<ref href="http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCMidiaASX?midiaId=634318|playListId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx "/> 
<ref href="http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCMidiaASX?midiaId=634319|playListId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx "/> 
<ref href="http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCMidiaASX?midiaId=634320|playListId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx "/> 
<ref href="http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCMidiaASX?midiaId=634322|playListId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx "/> 
<ref href="http://playervideo.globo.com/webmedia/GMCMidiaASX?midiaId=634324|ultimo=true|playListId=634332|banda=N|isc=203833576.1170957256.151|ext.asx "/>