I have complied and installed the latest mplayer plugin 3.55 and the latest mplayer v1.0rc2 on my pc. Both of them work fine while access http://www.quicktime.com/trailers. My PC is Ubuntu7.0.4 with firefox2.0.0.16. However I have two questions on mplayer plugin regarding youtube support.
(1) As you might know, videos from m.youtube.com are based on rtsp protocol. However mplayer plugin I installed cannot support rtsp playback from the website. I can only enable rtsp playback using mplayer by following instructions from the document "RTSP issues in firefox". Can mplayer plugin also support rtsp playback online? How to do if it can?
(2) Videos from http://www.youtbue.com can be played correctly using plugins from flash player 9. However mplayer can also correctly playback local flv files. So can mplayer plugin support flv playback from website http://www.youtbue.com which is similar to flash player? How to do if it can?


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