I read carefully this answer, I am not sure I have understood everything : by embeding a terminal, I did not mean doing something serverside. What I want to do seemed simple to me (but when I read you it's not anymore :) ) : I want to run a local terminal normally, like when I run it in gnome. The only difference is that I want this terminal to be ran inside the firefox window, whereas normally it would be run in its own window. And that is really the only difference.

To make a long description short : I want to replace text fields by instances of local terminals.

When you say "Plugger is a generic way to embed application output from your local machine into a webpage for data the webpage delivered." I feel this is exactly what I want to do : I want to embed xterm output from my local machine into a webpage for data (the locations of text fields zones) the webpage delivered. Why would I want to use ssh?

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2008/7/16 Christophe-Marie Duquesne <chm.duquesne@gmail.com>:

Thank you for the answer.

As I am not sure you really did understand what I want to do, I'm just going to explain a little more, in order to be sure of what to do.

What I want to do is to embed a real terminal, and I would like to be able to run any application from this terminal. So I don't want an emulation, I want the real xterm, or the real gnome-terminal. I am not interested in doing a fake term, there are already lots of it in javascript. Actually, what I would like to do is to be able to replace any text field by a vim instance, so I would be able to edit it using the real vim shortcuts, and not a crappy emulation in javascript. So I think embedding a terminal would do the trick, and could be usefull to run other apps. I've been told there are nice things to do with the xembed protocol : http://standards.freedesktop.org/xembed-spec/xembed-spec-0.5.html. I was also told to look at plugger http://fredrik.hubbe.net/plugger.html.

I thought (but you seem to be saying I am wrong) that embedding an application is kind of "generic", that's why I was asking on this mailing list. Considering this explanation, do you have another advice?

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embedding a plugin is pretty generic. But that doesn't help you. Plugger is a generic way to embed application output from your local machine into a webpage for data the webpage delivered. (Like using your favorite media player to display embedded video) XEmbed uses messaging between apps, but again, all on the same machine.
HTTP is designed as a one-way protocol, data comes from the server to your machine. To get your keystrokes back to the server, you need to use different means. Why don't you use ssh + x11-forwarding? Or nomachine.com nxserver? Or VNC? Except for x11, they're (mostly) platform-independent and all can be tunneld over port 80, if needed.

For your idea you would need two-way realtime data flow. Unless you're eager to do some heavy apache-mod coding (i doubt even that would help), i don't see any viable way to do this.

The only way this might work is, when you use mplayer to embed a x11 display and somehow pass the keystrokes etc to the app running on that display. I don't think this would work for anything than localhost (I did something similar with an embedded mplayer displaying v4l inputs, works on localhost only).

I don't know if your requirements forbid ssh, if not, i'd always go that way.

Peter Marquardt

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