2008/7/21 Christophe-Marie Duquesne <chm.duquesne@gmail.com>:
:) It's true that what I want to do is odd.

Do you know vimperator? http://vimperator.mozdev.org/
It's a firefox extension written in javascript for browsing the web with the vim shortcuts. If you are a vim user, you will love it. Have a look at it, if you don't know, it's really great.

There is still a key feature missing in this extension, it's the ability to use vim to edit text in your browser. There have been hacky attempts to code the vim behaviour for text fields in javascript, but it is still buggy and not very enjoyable to use : for example, I think that would be great if you could use your .vimrc. You should also be able to execute external commands with ':!external_command'. And you cannot save files. That is why I believe being able to embed a terminal in place of text fields would be great, because it would allow you all those things, and much more : you could run ANY program from firefox, I find that quite exciting.

I'm actually quite happy, that my browser doesn't do this. Being able to run any program is a huge security problem in my opinion.
Which shortcuts do you miss? And what advantage would your vimrc bring you?
To execute an external comand, i hit Alt-F2, though i think that's a kde-only feature.
Saving files? From a text box? Copy and Paste should do the trick.
Don't get me wrong, i'm not against your idea, but i'd like to understand, why you want to go through the hassle of coding a plugin with a potentially huge security risk to achieve things that can be done otherwise.

So at the moment, I am just asking if that could be possible to those who have already done a good job in embeding another application. I think it is a good way to start. I'm still reading the xembed specifiaction, and I don't know where to start yet, but hopefully, as soon as I'll feel ready, I'll start something.

Thanks for having answered to my questions, any remark is welcome.


Peter Marquardt