Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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Billy DeVincentis wrote:
It would  appear  that  the  newest  version  of  gtk+  2.14  creates  
problems  on  compilation  of  mplayer  plugin.  Here  is  a  bug  
reported  on  gentoo . 
It  would  be  great  if  this  could  be  fixed  upstream  with  a  
version  release.

Commented in gentoo bugzilla. Appears to be a miscompilation of libgio
on your machine since the linker locates, but can't use the libgio that
is present. Probably the libgio is missing a flag to make it work
properly. Guess that it gets compiled twice, one for 32bit mode and one
for 64bit mode and the 64bit mode is wrong.

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Mplayerplug-in-devel mailing list

That may be so but on an amd64 system, I would have found it easier to understand if it were the 32 bit plugin that wasn't compiling, the 64 bit plugin doesn't compile and it appears to have something to do with gtk+ 2.14. If gtk+ is downgraded to 2.12, then mplayerplug-in compiles fine. What can be done about this? What can be investigated next?