Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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Benjamin Sher wrote:

Dear Kevin:

Thank you for the info and thank you for trying. We all appreciate your
endless efforts to make as much of Windows streaming media as possible
accessible to us in Linux.

Just one question: do you think it will ever be possible to reverse
engineer such web sites? Is it hopeless? And is the situation getting
better or worse?

Thank you.


In general I think it is getting better as mplayerplug-in handles a lot
of sites out there, having Apple and Mac OS helps alot as it gives at
least another major target. The MSN ones are very tough due to the many
layers of tangled javascript and VB script. VB script is very tough
since mozilla and firefox ignore it. I have spent many hours reading
over the the code trying to figure out what is going on, sometimes it is
just not possible because of all the detection that MSN is using to make
sure that Windows is the OS on the client side. I'm not sure if this is
done to show limitation in Linux or to just make sure that MSN uses all
the tricks that Windows products can do. At some point I decided that I
can live without the content on the MSN site and I can try to find it
someplace else. If it isn't anywhere else then it probably isn't
important anyway.

DRM will also be a bit factor in if a video can be played or not. Many
of the videos on the NBC Olympic site could be "played" but the content
was mangled due to DRM.

Nothing with software is impossible. I tell that to the people I work
with all the time. All it takes to do something is time and money. I
chose not to spend any more time on the MSN site. If someone else wants
to make that choice and send me a patch.. I'm all for it. I started this
project in Dec 2002 and have probably put in over 2000 hrs of labor into
it and I am not ready to stop yet. I wrote mplayerplug-in cause nothing
did what it does and I think for the most part that is still the case.
I also, thank all the people that have put in time into the project as
well. Cause it is those annoying issue that keeps the product moving


Dear Kevin:

Bravo to you and your team! You are performing an indispensable and heroic task for the entire Linux community. It is astounding what your mplayerplugin can do. And, of course, we all love the Quick Time movie trailers. A million thanks!