On 1/18/06, Kevin DeKorte <kdekorte@yahoo.com> wrote:

Jack Lewis wrote:
> Is there a way to enable a volume control on the GUI?
> Currently, I do not see any other way to control volume in our special
> situation.  We are running a Linux terminal server (which means that all
> users are remote to the server), so sound is played via ESD.  As far as
> I know, there is no GUI way to adjust volume with ESD. (For example,
> GNOME's volume control applet will not even load.) Furthermore, the
> workstation (Compaq) has embedded speakers without a volume control.
> Therefore, I would like to adjust volume via  mplayerplug-in's GUI.
> By the way, I noticed a post about keyboard shortcuts <
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=10636702 >, but
> these seem to have no effect.  Anyway, our office users are not very
> savvy, so I would really prefer a GUI method.

This feature is definitely on the short list. I would guess it will be out in
not the next release, but the release after that. The GUI buttons are going to
be redesigned in the code and when that is done we'll add in volume control. So
it is coming.. just not quite there yet.

OK.   In the meantime, is there a trick to getting the keyboard shortcut working?  I tried clicking on the UI to set the focus.  I don't know whether that worked, but typing 0 and 9 didn't seem to change the volume.

Interesting that the "volume applet" won't run. Have you tried running
"gnome-volume-manager" once gnome is up and running and the environment
variables for remote esd have been set?

Yes, LTSP does set ESPEAKER, ESDDSP_MIXER, LD_PRELOAD in /etc/profile.d/ so that all programs see the environment variables, but when I start gnome-volume-manager, it tells me "No volume control elements and/or devices found." (same error as the GNOME volume applet).  Is that a bug?  What is strange that system sounds in GNOME work OK despite this message: I just can't adjust the volume.