Is there a way to enable a volume control on the GUI?  

Currently, I do not see any other way to control volume in our special situation.  We are running a Linux terminal server (which means that all users are remote to the server), so sound is played via ESD.  As far as I know, there is no GUI way to adjust volume with ESD. (For example, GNOME's volume control applet will not even load.) Furthermore, the workstation (Compaq) has embedded speakers without a volume control.  Therefore, I would like to adjust volume via  mplayerplug-in's GUI.

By the way, I noticed a post about keyboard shortcuts < >, but these seem to have no effect.  Anyway, our office users are not very savvy, so I would really prefer a GUI method.


Thanks for the nice program!   I am playing music now (over the network using ESD).