Depending on what you consider windowless it's implemented.  In newer versions there is a little button in the lower-right corner of mplayerplug-in that puts it into fullscreen (windowless) mode, it's really nice for the high-def quicktime trailers.

Erich Hoover

Jorge Mendez wrote:

searching the email archive of  mplayerplug-in-devel for windowless returned two results one of which was a Roadmap posted by Kevin DeKorte.
One of the requested features on the Roadmap was to make the plugin windowless.
A couple of days ago Ivan Kalvachev posted on a mplayer mailing list that windowless is already implemented but I couldn't find any info on the mplayerplug-in release news. (

I wanted to know if windowless is already implemented (if it isn't, is there any major problem or just hasn't been tried).

Thanks for your time

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