The problem with the mozilla package was that it was selecting the x86-64 install of mozilla where I needed it to link with the i386 libraries, this may be because I have mozilla loaded wrong but I believe it is because the pkg-config program only knows (and only can know) of the x86-64 install.

Erich Hoover

Kevin DeKorte wrote:

Thanks for the tips. I have added a new configure option called 
--enable-x86_64 that might help with the compile.

The following configure command should run correctly.

./configure --enable-x86_64 --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib

If the compile fails due to problems with the mozilla -L option. That needs to 
be fixed in the mozilla pkg-config setup. 


On Wednesday 22 September 2004 11:40 pm, Erich Hoover wrote:
I had some trouble compiling mplayerplug-in for FC3 on an x86-64 to work
with the i386 Firefox 1.0 Preview.  Below is the process I used to get
it to work in case it can help someone else (the pre-compiled version
wouldn't work for me).  Would you like me to send you an RPM of the
result?  If so, what is the process you use to build the RPMs?

This lettered instructions below are to get i386 libraries that may not
be in the x86-64 folder, if necessary download them from the i386 folder
- this will not cause any problems with i386 libraries because of the
way RH build the i386 folder (all the libraries are designed to work
fine in a mixed environment).
A) Install i386 development libraries for gtk2
B) Install i386 development libraries for atk
C) Install i386 development libraries for pango
D) Install i386 development libraries for glib2
E) Install i386 development libraries for libstdc++
F) Possibly other libraries that I had installed already

1) Create a 32-bit environment to compile (linux32 su)
2) Set configure to use i386 Xorg (./configure
--x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib) 3) Change "CXX= g++" to "CXX= g++ -m32" in
4) Add "-m elf_i386" to LDFLAGS in Makefile
5) Change "-L/usr/lib64/mozilla-1.7.2" to "-L/usr/lib/firefox-0.10.0" in
LDFLAGS in Makefile
6) Copy to plugins directory and enjoy!

Erich Hoover <>

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