Yep, just downloaded the CVS again, and no more looping.  Thanks!


Kevin DeKorte wrote:

Hum, I bet you got a copy form CVS today, there is a bug that would cause that.But the current cvs should not loop. Also the plug-in does respond to the "loop" attribute of the embed tag perhaps you have that?


On Friday 12 March 2004 03:21 pm, Carlos Knowlton wrote:
Carlos Knowlton wrote:
Carlos Knowlton wrote:
Kevin DeKorte writes:
1. There is a bug that does not delete the temp file, this has been
fixed in CVS.
Just tried this, it works really well!  (though you'd like to know)
oops, I spoke too soon.  Now the video automatically restarts when
finished.  Is video looping a configuration option? (I'm using the
current CVS (version 2.50))


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