I'm new to this list.  I'm here because I find the progress of mplayerplug-in to be most cool(!),  and rather than burden Kevin with all my questions, I thought it best to join this list (and burden you all! ;-). 

Here's a message I sent to Kevin about status of Javascript in mplayerplug-in.  Does anyone else have any information about this?  (BTW, Thanks again Kevin for bringing this project to my attention.)

Best Regards,

Carlos Knowlton wrote:

Thanks for the update.  I've just tried the plugin, and it works great!  (a little unstable on firefox 0.8, but I guess that is to be expected from a development version of Mozilla =)

I have some more information on the specific Javascript methods that we are using in our application, (note: these are all used in M$ media player, I don't know what the equivalents are for other players).  What are the plans for these in Mplayerplug-in?

AutoStart : You mentioned this already, but I didn't see it in the code. (I may have overlooked it)
GetTime :, this returns the current time in the media clip
GetDuration : Returns the total time of the media clip
ShowControls : Shows player controls
ShowTracker :  Shows the slider that sets the play location in the media clip
ShowStatusBar : Shows other status data that would be located on the control bar
Open([filename]) : open's specified filename for playback

Media player also returns an event when the media has ended,  is this supported?

I'm don't have much c++ experience, but I would be happy to help as I can.  

Carlos Knowlton

Kevin DeKorte wrote:

What is currently in there

1. play, pause, stop, FF (10 sec), REW (10 sec)
2. getplaystate
3. autostart is respected
4. Working on controls now, but this is a planned feature

Not sure about the reset at the moment... but will take a look at it next time 
I get into more options.
On Thursday 19 February 2004 10:17 am, cknowlton@science.edu wrote:
Hi Kevin,

This is good news, thank you for writing!

Javascript feature wishlist? yes, I can think of a few things:
I need to be able to do the following:

 -Set the "source" of the video (tell the player the path and filename of
the video I want it to play) using Javascript

 -Start the video

 -Keep the video from starting when the page is opened (In IE this is

 -Make the player visible or invisible (this may be more of a styles issue)

 -While the video is playing, detect how many milliseconds of the video
have gone by at any given moment, or, in other words, detect the "current
position" of a video in progress, in terms of how many milliseconds of the
video have played.

 -Turn the video controls on and off (Make them be there or not be there

 -I need the player to tell me (generate an event) when the video ends.

I think that's it.  What calls are currently implemented?  I'm on another
project at the moment, but I am glad to learn of the javascript support,
and eager to try mplayerplug-in again when I get a chance!

Thanks Again!
Carlos Knowlton

Kevin DeKorte writes:

I saw your posting in november at the mozplayerxp site about a media
player with javascript support. In case you didn't know,
http://mplayerplug-in.sf.net now has javascript support. Please let me
know if there are any features you need that are missing.