Yeah, I kind of didn't want to say because I am not sure how they are going to take this...

I am trying to get LaunchCast to work.  They have such a convoluted IE only system it took quite a while for me to parse out the right HTTP requests to just get the dang ASX page.  But from the ASX page it has multiple REF tags to other scripts (.dll in part of the link) which finally link to the MMS streams.  I can parse all the way down to an individual MMS stream (in the extension) and play it with the Mplayer-plugin (adding the MMS protocol to the browser as well), but I can't get it to work at the ASX side and have a full playlist.

The only way I could get this for you to test is to send you the extension, as there is no direct ASX page (bunch of JavaScript).  However, I have not tested it with unauthenticated access to launchcast (their free stations) but only with their pay (or the Yahoo DSL package) version.


Kevin DeKorte <> wrote:
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Eric Terstegen wrote:
> I am hoping someone here might have a response or some ideas on where I
> can look for an answer.
> I am having problems getting mplayer (or the mplayer-plugin) to play an
> ASX playlist. I can get the ASX page (via a simple custom firefox
> extension which fakes some page requests) but when I pass it to mplayer
> (via the plug-in) it does not want to co-operate.
> However, if I rip one of the mms:// from the playlist and pass it on to
> the browser the mplayer plug-in will play it (whoohoo!). But then after
> that one song, no more songs :(
> I have a feeling this is due to cookies that may need to be passed with
> the various http requests found in the playlist, but I have tried this
> by hand (using the -cookies-file and the current cookies file in the
> profile directory) but it still does not seem to get the page!
> This is a playlist generated from a very well known source, and I would
> love to be able to listen without dual booting to Windows....*
> Any ideas?
> *


You have a website that I could test with and tell you what the problem is? It
sounds like it could be a problem with you version of mplayer. What version of
that do you happen to have BTW? I would recommend trying mplayer CVS.

There is also a mozilla extension that the project has (it is new, I have just
not posted it, Yasuhiro wrote it). That converts OBJECT tags to EMBED tags that
may help with the site. but I would need to know the site to debug it.


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