I am hoping someone here might have a response or some ideas on where I can look for an answer.

I am having problems getting mplayer (or the mplayer-plugin) to play an ASX playlist.  I can get the ASX page (via a simple custom firefox extension which fakes some page requests) but when I pass it to mplayer (via the plug-in) it does not want to co-operate.

However, if I rip one of the mms:// from the playlist and pass it on to the browser the mplayer plug-in will play it (whoohoo!).  But then after that one song, no more songs :(

I have a feeling this is due to cookies that may need to be passed with the various http requests found in the playlist, but I have tried this by hand (using the -cookies-file and the current cookies file in the profile directory) but it still does not seem to get the page!

This is a playlist generated from a very well known source, and I would love to be able to listen without dual booting to Windows....

Any ideas?