Volume keyboard controls don't work 9/0

  • sabooky

    sabooky - 2007-12-31

    They haven't worked for a while now for me. In the past they worked fine.
    Currently using
    Firefox + mplayer-plugin 3.5

    If I play it in fullscreen 9/0 keyboard shortcuts work. Normal view doesn't take any keyboard input, only mouse.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2007-12-31

      Please report what combination of firefox and mplayerplug-in worked. Also, please note that sometimes firefox does not pass keyboard events to the plugin.

      Also you might consider gecko-mediaplayer + gnome-mplayer instead of mplayerplug-in

      • sabooky

        sabooky - 2008-01-01

        You're right seems like firefox isn't passing the keyboard events over. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked for a long time and I don't remember what version used to work, kinda hoped the problem would fix itself.

        Interesting, never heard of gecko-mediaplayer until now. Aside from the volume thing, what is the difference between it and mplayerplug-in?

        • Kevin DeKorte

          Kevin DeKorte - 2008-01-01

          You can find out more at




          Both of those combined take the good things from mplayerplug-in and do them in a more modern way and do them better in my opinion. Since I wrote mplayerplug-in and gecko-mediaplayer I took the things that I learned from mplayerplug-in and did them in a cleaner way.

          You can also read about it here.


          • sabooky

            sabooky - 2008-01-01

            Just played around with gecko-mediaplayer and wow.. great job. gecko-mediaplayer is awesome, it just needs more publicity.


            • Kevin DeKorte

              Kevin DeKorte - 2008-01-02

              So what makes gecko-mediaplayer 'awesome' for you? What are your favorite things about it?

              • sabooky

                sabooky - 2008-01-04

                Honestly, just the fact that it feels like a real interface. mplayerplug-in interface felt fake to me for some reason, probably because of that speaker icon that did nothing.
                The dbus support is a great idea and should help with future development.

                I know that's not much to make something 'awesome'. To be honest, mplayerplug-in was already 'awesome' this was just an improvement on that.

                Great job on both programs, If I have any feature requests/bug reports I'll make sure to file them now that I know that this project is active.


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