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v2.0 only fills cache once!

  • Matthew Balman

    Matthew Balman - 2004-02-12

    I just got mplayerplugin v2.0 working with mplayer 1.0pre3 plays movies great.

    My problem is that it only appears to fill the cache once and then just freezes the movie once it's played all it has. According to my DSL activity lights it doesn't stream more in once it's filled the cache and started playing. I can get around this by setting the cachesize=65535 but that means I have to wait for the whole movie to download before it'll play. This happens on the shrek2 trailer at quicktime:
    and boundin
    viewing both of those at the lowest setting.

    Any ideas? I think v2.0 is a GREAT improvement from the 1.x stuff. keep it up!!!!!

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-02-12

      I'm looking into this. I have seen it when I am at home, but at work my connection is too fast so I can't duplicate it here. I'll look at it on a slower connection. Does this problem happen with the 1.2 code?


    • Matthew Balman

      Matthew Balman - 2004-02-13

      ok, I compiled and used 1.2 and it DOES resume filling the cache. (I didn't set cachesize in config file).
      I used it with the peter pan trailers cause I hadn't watched them before and they weren't downloaded. It actually played the small trailers 1 & 2 just fine without needing to pause (sorry I assume it was downloading while it was playing :)

      The only caveat is that in 1.2 it seemed to choke while the page was loading all the background stuff. Once the page was done loading, and I reloaded the page it would play the movie just fine (it hadn't downloaded the whole movie yet, but maybe the first part of several?). This happened on both small trailers and the medium trailer.

      The medium 1 trailer used up the cache faster then it was filled and then paused. It was refilling the cache, and eventually went back to the progress bar and it looked like it was trying to download the rest of the movie, but before the bar completed, it froze.

      I have DSL 768/128

      Compiled against mozilla 1.5 (wouldn't compile vs 1.4)
      Slackware 9.1
      GCC 3.3.2

    • Matthew Balman

      Matthew Balman - 2004-02-13

      oh two more things.

      I'm actually running this all on FireFox 0.8.
      And for some reason, KDE 3.2 won't recognize the plugin when scanning. It recognizes the flash plugin just fine, but not mplayer. It did before so I don't know why 2.0 wouldn't work (1.2 DOES work on 3.2).

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2004-02-13

        The KDE problem was mentioned on the mailing list. Konqueror does not support Mozilla plugins, it supports NS4 plugins. To get javascript support I had to convert the plugin from NS4 mode (pre 2.0) to Mozilla mode (2.0 and higher)

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-02-13

      Ok, first a couple of things.

      1. The cache is continued to be filled while the video is being played. This can be observed by running this command:  watch -n 1 "ls -la /tmp/mplay*" in a console window

      2. The video is stopping because the video is catching up to the cache and mplayer has reached the "EOF" I'm looking into ways to stop this. The code in v1.2 is pretty much the same as v2.0 so I am still researching the problem.


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