Firefox no video

  • Anton Solovyev

    Anton Solovyev - 2006-07-09

    Mplayerplug-in has stopped working after upgrading Firefox to Firefox 1.0.1 worked (and is working) fine.

    I have tried 3.25 compiled on my box with gecko-sdk-1.7.5 and rpm binaries for FC4.

    I get sound but no video. On CNN website the standard plugin window flashes for a short time and then all I get is a gray box. On Apple trailers I just get background where video window should be.

    I suspect this has to do with Firefox being built with gecko- Still does anybody else have this problem? I would expect a lot of people to complain since the new FF is out.


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-07-10

      I am currently using it with Firefox with no problems so I am unsure of why it would not be working for you.

      • Anton Solovyev

        Anton Solovyev - 2006-07-10

        Ok, I started with a brand new $HOME/.mozilla and it worked.

        So I started excluding other plugins and quickly implicated Adblock. After upgrade to the latest Adblock rev the video works again.

        Hope this may help somebody else. Thanks, Kevin.


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