mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi crashes Firefox!

  • Ralph

    Ralph - 2007-11-03

    In some cases, Firefox crashes when the extension mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi is enabled; this happens for all gecko-based browsers with mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi enabled.

    For example:

    The link "diretta Live" points to a Java Applet which contains a Windows Media Player stream (into an OBJECT tag).
    If mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi is enabled, Firefox crashes; if mplayerplug-in-0.4.xpi is disabled, Firefox works (the Java Applet loads with an error message "Loading Java Applet Failed").

    • Ralph

      Ralph - 2007-11-03

      Sorry. The link is:

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2007-11-05

        That site works for me with the extension installed. Are you sure the extension is causing the crash?

    • Ralph

      Ralph - 2007-11-06

      Very strange.
      If I try to watch that stream with the extension installed, Firefox hangs and I must kill it!
      Other users have confirmed me the problem.


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