plugin tries to handle "video.avi.torrent"

  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith - 2005-06-30

    I was on this site:
    And clicked on the link for "EPISODE 7 TORRENT FILE"
    which links to:
    and mplayer-plugin attempts to handle the file.
    This is not what is supposed to happen.

    I think that this error may be because of a mime type misconfiguration on the server and/or something wrong with mplayer plug-in. Even if the server is misconfigured to not have a correct mime type, shouldn't mplayer plug-in be able to stop the handling of .torrent files? Please investigate and advise as to a workaround and/or fix.

    software configuration:
    mplayer plug-in: 2.85 [ mime-types option not set in config ]
    mplayer: 1.0pre7
    firefox: 1.0.4

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2005-07-01

      The website is improperly configured. It is giving the wrong mimetype for the torrent file.



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