streaming media freezes at one site

  • ravine

    ravine - 2006-01-14

    I have partial trouble with the streaming media from TV5Monde, which is set for Windows Media Player, at:
    When click on: "Le journal de TV5 : l'actualité mondiale" in the "info" section in the left table,
    (Its URL is:\)
    MPlayer plays the audio/video well, but the video/audio freezes randomly after several seconds to minutes. But when I click on "Aide" at the bottom of the plugin screen below the image--which   opens screen listing components of my system-- then the video/audio stream continues for some time until another freeze occurs, which is then again corrected by clicking "Aide".

    I'm running Ubuntu Hoary (5.04) with mozilla-mplayer 2.70 and mplayer-386 1.0-pre7cvs20050716-0. I believe I've installed all the codecs, and all your Plugin tests work well.

    What do you see as the problem? Does it lie within mplayer or your plugin? Would installing your newer plugin be likely to correct the problem.

    Thanks for your plugin and for any help.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-01-14

      First I would definately upgrade since 2.70 was released in Sept of 2004.. So it is quite old.

      The other issue maybe be related to your connection. I would recommend changing the cache size to a higher value (once you have 3.05 or higher installed) right click on on the video and select "Configure" and increase the cache size. I have mine set to about 2000K and I have high speed internet.

    • ravine

      ravine - 2006-01-14

      kdekorte--Thanks for your (quick) reply. I'm unable, however, in Ubuntu hoary to install gtk as required in your INSTALL, because of dependency errors, which i'm unable to solve--but that's not your problem. I'll soon upgrade to Breezy (5.10) and your plugin plus mplayer should be there--and work well, i trust.


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