Anonymous - 2003-05-13

mplayerplug-in is not working with mozilla. When I am trying to play an
embedded video from a site, I just see "mplayer plug-in - Loading movie"
with a white blank page, but nothing comes up.  I am trying tp play the
animatrix trailer preview from "" .
But it plays the videos(Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, FLI ) fine from the site
I have downloaded the animatrix video "" , and
mplayer plays it fine.
When I tried to play the embedded animatrix video from command line with "mplayer http_proxy://server:port//" , it plays just fine without any problem.
I am running RedHat Linux 8.0 with kernel version 2.4.18-27.8.0 .
Mozilla version - 1.3-0
MPlayer version - MPlayer-0.90.tar.bz2 , downloaded from .
Installed Quicktime6 DLLs, RealPlayer9 win32codecs, win32 codecs, Xanim
DLLs from
Installed Xvidcore, divx4linux , faad2, libsndfile, a52dec, liba52 etc
Installed mplayerplug-in RPM: mplayerplug-in-0.71-1.8.0.i386.rpm from

Please help me with this. Where am I doing wrong? What measures should I
take in order to play quicktime movies in my mozilla browser?
Am I using the wrong version or is it a bug with mplayerplug-in or

Thanks in adnavce,