Serge Matovic - 2005-12-24

Hi everybody!  What a nice Christmas present:  I got even the most difficult apple trailers (Quicktime 7) to play perfectly, using the new mplayerplug-in (3.17), and the latest mplayer from CVS (051214), using Mozilla (1.7.12).

And it all works on both of my computers: Ubuntu and Mandriva 2006.

The only slight problem is that video is playing slower than the sound (but both are smooth as silk), so the sound finishes half way through the movie.  I know this is NOT the mplayerplug-in problem, maybe not even mplayer's problem. Could just be that my PCs (1.1 GHz PIII machines) are too slow, or there is something else.  I'll have to troubleshoot this.

Again, all the best for the Season, and again, THANK YOU !!!.

Serge Matovic.