does the plugin support EMBED?

  • Chuck Crisler

    Chuck Crisler - 2009-02-10

    Hello! I am trying to use the mplayerplugin through the NPAPI like firefox. (I am running fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.0.4, 32 bit) I need it to write the video data to an offscreen memory buffer (pixmap in Linux) and let me display the image. At the moment, I can't seem to get it to display anything. I am creating the socket (you create the plug) and there is a GTK window associated with that. In looking at the debugging information, it *LOOKS* like the plugin wants to write to a GTK window itself (mine? I am not sure). I am specifying NP_EMBED and supplying a PIXMAP buffer. Currently, this code does work well with the Adobe Flash plugin, also using the NPAPI. I haven't yet been able to spend too many hours debugging and poking. I was hoping for some guidance (please). I compared what I am doing with firefox and if I do a firefox file/open it runs in full screen mode, not embed. I am invoking it from C++, not javascript (yet). Also, when I supply a multimedia file name via the src= argument in the NPAPI call new(), do I also need to call write_ready/write to supply the data? How can I get the size of the display image? I can see it in the debugging terminal window.

    I have already found a bug and may need some enhancements. I will be happy to do the work myself (and return the source code updates to you) with a bit of initial guidance. This is a very useful plugin!


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2009-02-10


      Before you get too far with mplayerplug-in, please note that I have pretty much stopped development on it for at least 2 years. I have replaced it with gecko-mediaplayer + gnome-mplayer. Please consider looking at those before you make any changes to mplayerplug-in. gecko-mediaplayer also uses the newer npruntime api that is recommended by mozilla.

      As for the socket, you should not be passing the id of the socket, you should be passing the XID of the window of the socket. From there the plugin takes over the X context.


      You can find links to those projects here:

    • Chuck Crisler

      Chuck Crisler - 2009-02-10

      Thank you! After posting this message I looked around a bit and found a reference to the Gecko project. I will investigate it. Thank you very much for your prompt help!


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