Acrobat Reader 5.08 & RP8 plugin problem

  • michaelbr

    michaelbr - 2004-01-21

    Hello all:
    I have the following configuration:
    FC1, Firebird 0.7 & Thunderbird 0.4 installed in a AMD Athlon XP machine.
    I tried to make the AR 5.08 & RP8 to work, but they won't. I followed the instructions in the, copy the files to plugin directories and updated the PATH variable, when I tried to see the plugins in the about:plugins, they are there, but when I tried to open a pdf page, it just showed blank. I've tried to use the Helper Application, with the same result. Has anyone had success in making this work? I even tried in Netscape 7.1 with similar results. I used TTLO in Firebird, and here's my setup in Helper Application:
    MIME type: applicatioin/pdf
    Extension: pdf
    I tried both radio button: open with default application and open with /usr/local/Acrobat/bin/acroread, with the same result. What am I doing wrong? I left Plugin Finder Service unchecked.

    As for RP8, which file should I use in the Helper Application?

    Thanks in advance for your comment/suggestion

    Ko Fei Pu

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-01-21

      this is the wrong place for this question. You might try the acroread rpm from DAG


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