two quick user configuration questions

  • ksandre

    ksandre - 2004-07-14


    Does mplayerplug-in pay attention to this file?  Do options here matter to mplayer when invoked by the plug-in?

    "qt-speed="  The text descriptions say the default is "med" while the mplayerplug-in/Source/plugin-setup.cpp says the choice is "medium."  Does this matter?

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-07-14

      $HOME/.mplayer/config is not used by the plugin.

      qt-speed should probably be medium in the docs, however it will default to that value either way. So it really does not matter.

    • ksandre

      ksandre - 2004-07-18

      But that $HOME/.mplayer/config seems to have indirect effect in that mplayer uses it, or so it seems.  For example:  if I have "loop=1" then clips only play once, if not, then they will loop if designed to do so.  Example2, if I have "novm=1" then when the plug-in plays a clip, my screen resolution does not change the way it will if I have "vm=1" or nothing.  (At least this was true in the past - I have not experimented with it lately.)

      I guess I did not really phrase the original query accurately.  :)

      I also wonder about the "vopopt=" and "novop=" configuration options for the plug-in, since the "-vop" or "vop=" options for MPlayer say "OBSOLETE" in the MPlayer man page.   Or maybe these have been removed and I failed to notice?  :)


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