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  • pheldens

    pheldens - 2007-01-15

    mplayer supports udp multicast rtp video streams as generated by mpeg4ip.
    these streams use little .sdp files with information on the stream, mplayer can then play
    the stream as follows:

    mplayer sdp:///home/user/localfile.sdp

    you could possibly easily add support for this feature to mplayer plugin
    by doing something like this:

    url: http://server/webcam.sdp

    mplayer plugin downloads this file to /tmp/
    mplayer plugin then executes mplayer sdp:///tmp/webcam.sdp

    WARNING: these will not work:
    mplayer http://server/webcam.sdp
    mplayer sdp://http://server/webcam.sdp
    mplayer webcam.sdp


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2007-01-15

      Can I do this?

      mplayer sdp://server/webcam.sdp

      If so then I'll just identify sdp as a streaming protocol and be done with it.

    • pheldens

      pheldens - 2007-01-15

      no, you cant, these sdp files are distributed by http:// or ftp:// or by someone with a floppy disk
      then played locally

      sdp:// itself is no transport protocol I think, it only tells mplayer it's about to read an sdp file

      VLC handles http:// urls for it too


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