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  • Daisybodo

    Daisybodo - 2007-11-13


    First of all sorry for my english...

    I used to work on windows xp, now I have to make the code work on Linux - Ubuntu.
    In fact we give the computer and the code is in it.
    The code is in php.

    The code must play videos in fullscreen.
    I've tried this code:

    echo('<embed id="videopub" BACKGROUNDCOLOR="#000000" name="videopub" showcontrols="false" autoplay="yes" loop="yes" fullscreen="yes" fs="yes" src="/videos/'.$dir.'/'.$fichier.'" />');

    But fullscreen doesn't work.
    I've tried to configure mplayerplug-in.conf with fs=yes, fullscreen=yes, zoom=yes, load_fullscreen=yes, without result.

    I've also tried width="1280" height="1024" but a part of the video is hidden (it keeps the original ratio).

    Must I use x11 or xv? (I've tested the two options)

    Is there a way to play videos in fullscreen on loading?

    Thank you

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2007-11-13

      Currently there is no way to start a video fullscreen. However, you could use javascript to do this. Check the playstate status and when the status goes to PLAYING then you can call the fullscreen method... See the javascript docs in DOCS/tech/javascript.txt in the tar file.

    • Daisybodo

      Daisybodo - 2007-11-13

      Thank you, I'm looking for this method :)

    • Daisybodo

      Daisybodo - 2007-11-13

      It works!!
      Thanx a lot:

      If it can help someone, here is the code:

      echo('<embed id="videopub" onMediaComplete="Whatyouwant()" width="75%" height="75%" name="videopub" showcontrols=false showlogo=false autoplay=true target=src="/videos/'.$dir.'/'.$fichier.'" src="/videos/'.$dir.'/'.$fichier.'" />');

      echo '<script language="JavaScript">
      var again;
      function playing(){
      if (videopub.isplaying()==false){




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