MPlayer/Plug-in for URL to .wma file

  • rbroman

    rbroman - 2004-12-08

    I am using mplayerplug-in v2.70, MPlayer v1.0pre5, Firefox Version 1.0, on RHEL 3.0 with 2.6.10-rc2 kernel. I wish to play archived audio files fof baseball games from this site:
    I believe these are .wma windows audio files.

    On a Windows XP box, I can play these files with Windows Media Player 10, including fast forwarding and/or positioning at any point in the file. With the Linux setup above, I can play the files, but cannot fast forward or move to an arbitrary point in the file.

    Is there a way to play the files on Linux, including fast forwarding and/or positioning at any point in the file?

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-12-08

      Do you see the FF and REW buttons on the screen? What happens if you press them? If nothing happens it is a limitation of mplayer and you might try using the CVS version of mplayer. If the stream is a mms:// url I'm not sure mplayer can fast forward those streams yet.

    • rbroman

      rbroman - 2004-12-08

      When I click the archive file on it pops up another Firefox window with the media player in that window - same as on Windows XP.

      I see play, pause and stop buttons, but no FF or REW buttons.

      It appears it is an mms:// url - what does that mean?

      Actually I am using the CVS version of MPlayer - MPlayer dev-CVS-041207-19:44-3.2.3



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